The Magnolia July 4th sale is the best way to savor summer

It's easy to savor summer when you have 20% off everything at the Magnolia July 4th sale. Joanna Gaines showcases her impeccable, stylish tastes yet again.

Some of our top picks from the magnolia july 4th sale featured at a magnolia picnic
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If you didn't see this season's Magnolia Journal, Joanna Gaines' motto for the next few months is 'let this be a summer you savor'. We'll drink to that, and coupling summer style with 20% off sitewide at Magnolia, we're ready to celebrate. Have your baskets ready between June 29th and July 7th. We're already prepping our baskets in anticipation.

Since Joanna's mini renovation series, I've been getting daily doses of her summery interiors on Instagram. Each shot is full of inspiration for a lighter and brighter home. From coffee tables to candlesticks, it seems like there's endless ways to elevate your interior style.

Already brimming with inspiration, the news of Magnolia's sale was just too much for me to contain. I've gone through my archives and screenshots to share with you all of Magnolia's top tips for summer décor. It's easier to embrace the outdoors with a little help from the experts.

From low hanging lights to layers of texture, this is the sale that you need to shop. Get filling your baskets, because I'll be doing my sweep as soon as it starts.

Magnolia July 4th Sale

Al Fresco Ornaments

Mustard bowls and plates which are softly fluted on a gingham tablecloth

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Something we all share with Joanna Gaines is her love for adventures al fresco. Magnolia's 'shift into summer' posts had me party planning in minutes. There are big gestures like planters and table cloths, which you can shop yourself. If you want the finishing touches, you'll have to look a little closer.

Outside, Inside

Magnolai terracotta pots

(Image credit: Magnolia)

I rarely see a Magnolia room setting without a little greenery, whether it's a hanging plant, potted plant, or some faux flowers. Magnolia gave a shoutout to their brand new pieces from Ferny's Retro Plant Shop. There's a selection of these old-new fusion pieces online as well as at the Silos.

Kitchen Cultivation

magnolia kitchen with serving board

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I waste too much time searching through my drawers, taking out my kitchen staples only to put them back and take them out again. Magnolia are encouraging you to make practical beautiful again by styling your space with your most-used kitchen items. It helps when they look like these.

Re-styling Summer

Magnolia lounge setting including a table, chair, and side table

(Image credit: Magnolia)

If you need motivation to style your room, this is it. This room truly showcases Joanna's eye and the possibilities of this Magnolia collection. I wanted to shout-out some of the larger pieces of furniture that your home might be missing.

Dawn 'til Dusk

magnolia cotton linen bedding gray

(Image credit: Magnolia)

Your bedroom is sacred. It's your space for relaxation and recovery, so it's only right that you should invest in your rest time. From vintage-style rugs to breathable linen, Magnolia will have just the thing for you.


How long is the Magnolia sale on for?

It will start June 29th and end July 7th, so make sure that you buy what you like between those dates. You'll make some great savings, plus, if you save more, you can spend more. That's what I say anyway.

How much is everything discounted by in the Magnolia sale?

Everything, including rugs and furniture will be reduced by 20%.

What's included in the Magnolia sale?

Everything, from rugs and tables to beds and artwork. They stock other brands, such as KitchenAid, so if you wanted to buy an excellent stand mixer and save at the same time, this is the time to do it.

What's the best deal in the Magnolia sale?

I've given you the top deals that I will be snapping up. Looking at the numbers, you could save $400 on the Emmett table, which is an incredible saving, especially because furniture isn't always in Magnolia sales. I wouldn't hesitate to put their ribbed glass jug in my basket with the table though.

Final Thoughts

Magnolia glass carafe on a side table with grapes

(Image credit: Magnolia)

I can't stress enough how good this sale is. It's the best time to stock up on essentials, especially rugs and furniture, which aren't always included in the sale.  As this a summer sale, I have two special extra mentions. The first is Magnolia's ribbed glass carafe, which is elegant, simple, and perfect for having outside by the pool. My other special mention the KitchenAid Ice Cream Maker attachment which is on sale at Magnolia too, because what's summer without ice cream? I tested this recently and it was the best on the market, but only if you have the KitchenAid stand. It's an appliance that you won't want to miss from your list.

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