Portable lamps just got a whole lot chicer – these are our 9 favorites to shop for spring

For light that travels with you, it’s time to invest in a portable lamp. Here are my favorite options for all design styles

A selection of portable lamps
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Portable, cordless, rechargeable lamps are having a moment. After all, what’s more convenient than having a battery-operated lamp that you can place practically everywhere? Especially with spring on the horizon, having a portable lamp handy means you’ll be able to bring in an extra dash of light when the sun goes down, invoking a soft glow and setting the mood.

These days, you can find portable lamps across design styles, from modern and luxe to Scandi-inspired, minimalist looks, but one thing they all have in common is the ease with which you can carry them around: This is ideal for both outdoor gatherings as well as when you just need some extra light to focus at your desk. I’ve found the best lamps from colorful, modern looks to mid-century modern lamps, as well as simple table lamps to unique bedside lighting ideas. There’s bound to be an option you love in this selection.

Kitchen side lamp

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‘I appreciate portable lamps that incorporate functionality with an uncommon design narrative, particularly ones that invoke a certain time period or sentiment, thus lifting the quality of light and room decor in harmony,’ says New York City-based interior designer Artem Kropovinsky. ‘There's a trending preference for minimalist components constructed from natural elements, which exemplify serenity and a bond with nature. Wood, ceramic, or stone lamps embody this trend beautifully, exhibiting a blend of simplicity and sophistication, and are lovely for the outdoor season, too.’

As Artem mentions, portable lamps are ideal for bringing a cozy glow to outdoor spaces as the weather warms up, but they are also perfect for creating ambiance on kitchen sides or dining tables. In our round up you'll find something for all styles and occasions. 

Our pick of the most stylish portable lamps to suit all styles

Having a good portable lamp handy will help you bring a touch of light to an area where you might need it the most, whether that’s outside on your patio on a warm spring night or at your dining table to bring more attention to the food and tablescape. These days, you can choose from traditional styles to modern looks, and they all provide easy recharging and long battery lives for simple upkeep.

Nikhita Mahtani
Style Editor

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