Ruggable's new Bridgerton-inspired collection brings Regencycore back – and the soft hues are perfect for spring

Consisting of 5 opulent pieces inspired by the hit Netflix show, Ruggable’s new Bridgerton collaboration will make your home feel royal this spring

A selection of rugs from the Bridgerton x Ruggable collection
(Image credit: Ruggable)

Over lockdown, while most of my friends were creating banana bread and trying to create home gyms in their living room, I was swayed by the opulent and lavish interiors seen on everyone’s favorite binge-worthy Netflix drama, Bridgerton.

Honestly, I wasn’t the only one: The Regencycore interior design trend took the world by storm in 2021, and now it’s back again with the Bridgerton x Ruggable collection that just launched ahead of the new season releasing in May. The collection takes note of typical regency-era embellishments such as soft palettes and ornate toile, but makes them more contemporary so that they still fit in modern homes.

The Bridgerton x Ruggable collection consists of five pieces in total, with designs inspired by the series’ highly beloved characters, alongside another six Regency-inspired designs to complement the core collaboration with luxurious looks with a hint of contemporary in the mix. The brand uses opulent patterns, Rococo-inspired embellishments, and bold colors to make a statement, but also makes sure to incorporate modern floral motifs and simple borders in order to keep up with current trends.

'As longtime fans of the Bridgerton series, we’re excited to create a collection that embodies the dreamy, opulent aesthetic of the Regency era, and bring it to the modern home,' says Emily Simmons, Senior Director of Design Strategy at Ruggable. 'With our Ruggable x Bridgerton collection, we are embracing the romance and feminine glamour of the era, with a modern twist.' 

Bridgerton x Ruggable Fit for a Queen rug

Bridgerton x Ruggable Fit for a Queen rug

(Image credit: Ruggable)

Bridgerton x Ruggable collection

Upon perusing the collaboration for myself, I was blown away by the way in which the collection effortlessly intertwines the old and the new, and I especially love how easy these rugs are to clean. Ruggable is known for its machine-washable designs, and even though the rugs look high-maintenance, they absolutely aren’t in the least. I’ve gathered a few of the best rugs from the collection that I’m sure will add a spark of grandeur to even the most minimalist decor ideas.

Ruggable FAQ

What makes Ruggable’s machine-washable rugs so durable?

I’ve seen my fair share of machine-washable rugs over the years, and Ruggable really ups the ante when it comes to the technology used to create theirs. Unlike most rugs, the Ruggable is a two-part system where the base (also known as the “pad”) essentially functions as one giant sheet of non-slip velcro. The top part of the rug is a removable, waterproof, stain-resistant, and machine-washable cover that's ideal for messy and unpredictable households, and you can simply pop that in for a quick clean whenever it gets dirty.

Are Ruggable rugs easy to clean?

Ruggable rugs are extremely easy to clean, thanks to the fact that they can just be popped in the washing machine. Simply remove the cover from the pad, and run it in the washer (usually on delicates at low temperatures), and then leave to air dry. It's important that you don't place it in the dryer, though: It might shrink.

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