West Elm has a new collection of sconces – I scoured the collection to find the best

From mid-century styles to edgy options, West Elm’s selection of sconces will light up your living space

A three panel image showing West Elm sconces
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Let there be light. I’m absolutely obsessed with sconces in all forms, and I find that they add such a personal touch to a living room that you’re not able to find by using traditional floor lamps. They’re honestly also one of my favorite types of bathroom lighting, since they add so much sophistication to the space.

Plus, it turns out I’m not the only person who’s aware of how absolutely transformative a well-placed sconce can be. In fact, West Elm has amazed me recently with their selection of sconces. I've found that there are options in various shapes, sizes, price points, and design styles.

From cheeky flower shapes to modern gold looks, West Elm has created a few unique sconces that will easily adorn your favorite mirrors, artwork, or vanity. I don't like all of them, and these are just some of my favorites, but you’ll see that their selection goes way beyond my choices.

Best West Elm sconces 2024

Sconce FAQ

How do you make sure your sconce has been placed at the correct height?

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Generally speaking, sconces should be placed at eye level, which is typically around 60 to 66 inches from the floor. This allows for the sconces to provide adequate lighting without causing harsh glare or discomfort, but of course, exact height depends on how tall you are and how you’d prefer the lighting to be showcased across the room.

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