Where's the best place to buy bathroom mirrors? 7 stores with stylish pieces to suit all styles

Wondering where to buy bathroom mirrors? Look no further – we've rounded up the best places to add a stylish statement to your bathroom

Where to buy bathroom mirrors
(Image credit: Anthropologie/Mercury Row & Wayfair/Origin 21 & Lowes)

No bathroom is complete without a mirror. Whether you're doing your skincare routine, shaving, or applying makeup for the day ahead, none can be achieved without a good bathroom mirror.

Buying a bathroom mirror isn't quite as simple as sourcing for a room such as a bedroom or hallway. Because of the damper environment, bathroom mirrors need to be made from completely water-resistant materials, from the mirror itself to the frame and decorative details.

Just because there are lots of practical elements to consider doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. Now more than ever there are some really stylish options on the market that marry function and aesthetics.

So, if you're wondering where to buy bathroom mirrors, look no further. We've rounded up the best places to find a design that works perfectly in any size and style of bathroom.

The best places to buy bathroom mirrors

Whether you love ornate, vintage-inspired frames, LED-integrated mirrors, or something simple and sleek, these are the best places to buy bathroom mirrors that marry function and style. Plus, a few of our fave picks from each in case you are after shopping inspiration.

1. West Elm

Double vanity with two pivoted bathroom mirrors

(Image credit: West Elm)

If gold hardware fits your style, West Elm has plenty of beautiful bathroom mirrors to suit. With a decidedly more curated selection of bathroom mirrors, West Elm's offerings feel elegant and timeless.

While the majority of the stock has a gold finish, there are a few options in black and wood tones, but there's certainly a specific, on-brand theme that runs through their stock. While many of the bathroom mirrors look sleek and simple, most of them include some well-hidden bathroom storage space behind them.

Soft rounded edges, organic shapes, and simple lines describe their bathroom mirror section perfectly – there are no overly-decorative features to these mirrors, but they are a beautiful finishing touch to a bathroom scheme.

Stand-out pieces in their bathroom mirror edit are the Mid-Century style mirror with integrated shelves and a few pivoting mirrors, which always prove handy in harsh downlighting.

2. Anthropologie

Decorative gold bathroom mirror in a colorful, patterned bathroom

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

For fun and stylish mirror designs, Anthropologie's bathroom mirrors are as aesthetic as they are functional. Perfect if you're looking for a more decorative bathroom mirror, their pieces feature a lot of gold finishes, unique shapes, and soft edges.

While their range isn't the the largest, with under thirty results for bath mirrors, there is a truly varied range of designs, each with its own unique appeal and ideal for anyone looking to make a style statement in their bathroom, rather than an understated, simplistic design.

The majority of mirrors sold here are wall mirrors and freestanding vanity mirrors, although there are one or two with built-in cabinets if storage is a priority. A great middle ground, their Evey Shelved Mirror features a small shelf at the base, offering space to store or display bathroom essentials.

3. McGee & Co

McGee & Co bathroom design

(Image credit: McGee & Co)

A firm favorite for timeless home decor with a California modern meets rustic flair, McGee & Co offers a curated edit of bathroom mirrors in founder Shea McGee's signature style. The designs are classic and pared-back, with thin, simple frames on most pieces.

While the typical bathroom mirror shapes are carried through the collections – think round, square, arched, and organic – the unique appeal comes with some of the frame designs. Mirrors with the frame only around the corners, on two sides, or extending past the perimeter of the mirror adds a subtle yet eye-catching design feature that creates a more elevated feel in a bathroom.

Almost every mirror is offered in various colors and finishes – most frequently gold, silver, and black – so you can choose a design and finish that suits your bathroom design style. There's also plenty of stylish inspiration to help you decide the best place to display your bathroom mirror, plus the pieces that pair beautifully with it.

4. Wayfair

Arched bathroom mirrors in a white bathroom

(Image credit: Mercury Row®/Wayfair)

Variety and affordability make Wayfair a go-to retailer for bathroom mirrors, with over 52,000 products starting at $34.99. The more affordable bathroom mirror options here are a great choice if you're not looking to spend a fortune, or simply looking to introduce simple updates in a bathroom if you're not quite ready for a full renovation.

Wayfair's selection of bathroom mirrors is simple, classic, and unfussy. There are circular, square, and even a few organic shapes to pick from, but they are decidedly less ornate and decorative overall.

A big benefit of Wayfair bathroom mirrors is the high-tech options – there are a lot of pieces with integrated LED lights to elevate your bathroom and create a 'smart' space. The nature of Wayfair is that there are a lot of stockists, so you can shop a greater variety of vendors and products in one place.

5. Walmart

Wooden bathroom with a wooden vanity and wood framed bathroom mirror

(Image credit: Walmart)

One of the leading grocery stores in the US, Walmart is also a go-to spot for stylish and affordable homeware too. They offer a vast selection of bathroom mirrors, ranging from simple square framed designs to more ornate pieces and even a few light-up options.

One of the most affordable stockists to consider, the browsing experience is made much easier with 'quick sort' style filters, so you can tailor the results whether you're looking for a simple vanity mirror, LED mirrors, framed mirrors, or medicine cabinets. There are also more specific filters if you want to narrow down your search even more, so you don't have to scroll through pages of bathroom mirrors.

While the lower prices mean you might not be looking at mirrors that are as elevated as more luxury retailers, there are still some beautiful bathroom mirror designs – which is in part thanks to the variety of brands featured. There are your classic 'pill-shaped' mirrors, light-up options, and even some vintage-inspired designs for more traditional bathroom schemes.

6. Lowes

Gold arched bathroom mirror in a teal bathroom

(Image credit: Origin 21/Lowes)

Options are in abundance at Lowes, with thousands of options to scroll through – this might sound overwhelming, but there are eighteen different filters to narrow down the selection – there are even voice-controlled and smart compatible options if you're setting up a smart home. Their bathroom mirrors vary from simple designs to more decorative frames and even mirrors with integrated lights.

From an aesthetic point of view, there's plenty within their stock to inspire. While most of their bathroom mirrors aren't quite as decorative as those you might find at the likes of Anthropologie, there are some beautiful designs including on-trend waved frames, gold arches, and more contemporary, sleek options, just to name a few.

If you're not sure how to install a bathroom mirror or how big should a bathroom mirror be for your space, Lowes offers installation services and plenty of helpful ho-to style blog posts to help you.

7. Crate & Barrel

Arched bathroom mirror

(Image credit: Crate & Barrel)

Crate & Barrel's bathroom mirror selection is one of the smallest, but their simple, sleek designs look beautiful in almost any bathroom design. A mixture of medicine cabinets and wall-mounted mirrors is on offer, with nearly all of them offered in three different finishes, making them incredibly versatile.

The focus here is on high-quality design and enduring style – quality materials such as 'hardwood, hand-forged metals, and beveled glass' feature in almost every bathroom mirror. While the bathroom mirrors may take on a more simplistic style, they will suit various interior design styles, and as they aren't trend-led, they're timeless.

A benefit of shopping for bathroom mirrors at Crate & Barrel is that not only are the mirrors described as 'easy to install', but a number of them have the option of being recess mounted or simply affixed to the wall, so you can pick whichever suits your bathroom or skillset.

From ornate arched frames to high-tech mirrors and storage-filled pieces – whatever style of bathroom mirror you're looking for, these places offer the best variety and styles to suit any scheme.

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