Bathroom mirror ideas – 10 beautiful designs to suit any bath, shower or powder room

These bathroom mirror ideas will show you how to use mirrors to your advantage

Bathroom mirror ideas
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Bathroom mirror ideas can bring so much to the room. Adding a mirror to your bathroom or shower room is not only an aesthetic choice, it’s a practical one too that can work wonders for the proportions of the space.

Below, we’ve put together bathroom mirror ideas to inspire and shared the ways they can make more of your bathroom ideas.

Bathroom mirror ideas

Bathroom mirror ideas are a wonderfully versatile design feature, adding instant glamor and interest, while maximizing light and boosting the sense of space in your bathroom and half bathroom ideas.

Decorating with mirrors can make an enormous difference to a bathroom, whether it's small and dark or large and light-filled. From mirrored walls that make your bathing space feel twice as big, to illuminated mirrors above a vanity and decorative designs that steal the show, we asked the experts for their favorite bathroom mirror ideas and found some statement examples to reflect upon. 

1. Invest in an on-trend design

Bathroom mirror ideas with wavy mirror

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Your bathroom doesn't have to look too clinical, and your mirror need not be dull. Instead, look out for striking curved interpretations of the humble bathroom mirror. It's a new wave and it's time to forgo straight-edged mirrors in favor of the more fluid, curvaceous forms. 

Max Depret, director of homeware at Mauvais Garçon, says, ‘The 1970s influence we’ve seen on fashion runways lately has clearly translated into the interiors world, and we are very much inclined to see all forms of curves and colors coming back into our homes imminently. From trinket trays to wavy mirrors, look out for these delightful pieces to bring out some je ne sais quoi to your home’

2. Set up a mirror above the vanity

Jack and Jill bathroom with double vanity

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Stylish bathroom vanity ideas can be a focal point, so it makes sense to position it as such. ‘Your bathroom’s unique layout will help you decide where to locate the vanity unit, such as in the space where you would want to position a mirror,' advises Lisa Persse, director of Porter. We always recommend going for the largest mirror you can afford to make the most of every ray of light from your mirror’s reflection

Another option is to place it opposite the entrance door for maximum impact, or against the longest full-height wall, where it will display well and have sufficient space for a statement bathroom mirror above the basin.

3. Ensure your bathroom mirror is well-lit

Powder room with blue wallpaper and vanity

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Bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors are an integral design element that should be planned at the start of any bathroom remodel.

‘In a powder room it is crucial not to underestimate the importance of good lighting around a mirror,' says Mary Graham and Nicole Salvesen, founders, Salvesen Graham. 'This should always include effective wall lights either side of a mirror (or above) to provide a soft, more flattering light for the face as well as a decorative feature that works well in your existing scheme.'

4. Make a small bathroom feel bigger

Bathroom ceiling lighting ideas

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‘A well-positioned  bathroom mirror can transform a room with its reflective powers to lighten and enlarge a space, coupled with the element of interesting design,’ says Owen Pacey, founder of Renaissance London. When used carefully, a mirror can create the illusion of more space in the room, making its addition particularly impactful among small bathroom ideas.

This room goes all out with full wall mirrors that make the room feel almost twice as big, a striking choice for bathroom wall ideas - but smaller mirrors will also make a big difference too.

5. Hang a mirror opposite a window

Bathroom mirror ideas

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Decorating with mirrors will make any bathroom or shower room feel bigger, as they allow natural light to bounce around the room,’ explains Camilla Clarke, Creative Director at Albion Nord. ‘Hang a large mirror on a wall opposite a window, or very near one, to reflect the outdoors, broadening the feel of your room.’ 

6. Opt for a modern, circular design

Bathroom mirror ideas with round mirror and red wall

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When choosing a shape for your bathroom mirror, consider keeping it modern with a perfect circle. Particularly if used with minimal framing, the on-trend shape can make your mirror feel like a tunnel to a parallel world. 

While the choice can add a contemporary touch to any bathroom, it works especially well when used amid traditional bathroom ideas and a statement bathroom color schemes

7. Get the proportions just right

Bathroom mirror ideas with vanity

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Getting the size of your bathroom mirror right is vital – and going too small will be more of a design issue than choosing one that's too large for the space. 

So, when it comes to choosing a mirror for your bathroom or powder room, ensure that it is the same width as the vanity or just a few inches smaller on each side. To make a ceiling feel higher, be generous with the height of your mirror, too.

8. Pick a style to suit your scheme

Powder room ideas with bold color scheme

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Frame weight is important when it comes to decorating with mirrors in the bathroom. Sculpted, dense or dark-colored mirror frames are best suited to big mirrors in large bathrooms, traditionally-styled bathrooms or for small mirrors that you've chosen to act as a focal point in an eye-catching modern powder room

In more contemporary spaces, mirrors with more subtle framing are a better choice. If your room is particularly small, frameless mirrors will enhance the space without imposing on the overall design. 

Here, a gold framed mirror beautifully matches the gold details in the artwork – and on the brassware below.

9. Seek out a flexible option for your mirror

Bathroom mirror ideas with pivoting mirror

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A clever pivoting mirror will give the mirror significant mobility that is especially useful in a bathroom or powder room, giving you the flexibility to manipulate light sources and angles.

Another benefit of an adjustable design is the depth that the mirror provides, not only from an aesthetic standpoint, but also for the backsplash or wall behind. If the mirror is mounted away from the wall, statement bathroom tiles can be installed behind the mirror for an added visual element.

10. Choose a colored frame for your mirror

Bathroom mirror with red edged mirror

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‘Of course bathrooms are practical and functional spaces but they don’t need to be utilitarian,' says Mike Fisher, creative director and founder, Studio Indigo. 'Be adventurous and give the space personality with a bathroom mirror that sparks joy.'

'A bold scheme will provide a conversation piece with guests and friends, particularly in a powder room. Complement your color choice with good light – in a powder room it can be atmospheric but in bathrooms you need light and plenty of it.’ 

The most popular bathroom mirror is one that can be mounted to the wall, above a vanity or bathtub. 

Choose a statement piece to act as a centerpiece to the bathroom, or even go all out with a top-to-toe mirrored wall behind a bath. Another option is to opt for a mirrored cabinet that feature integrated LED light fixtures within. 

Pick one in a shape and style that suits the design of the rest of your bathroom – for  modern bathrooms, go circular and simple in design, while traditional spaces can handle an ornate, gold frame. 

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