How to clean faux fur and keep it looking its best

Discover how to clean and maintain your faux fur so it retains its chic and timeless appeal

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When I first got my hands on a plush faux fur coat, I had no idea the love and attention it needed to stay looking lavish. I made plenty of mistakes along the way, but through trial and error, I learned all the secrets to keeping faux fur in good form.

When it comes to faux fur, just like faux leather and cashmere, one of my biggest recommendations would definitely be to brush it regularly. What I have noticed is that the realistic texture is what makes a garment pop. But that plush 'fur' can get matted down over time and wear, losing some of its appeal.

Take a soft-bristled brush, like this one from Amazon, to your favorite faux fur pieces every few weeks to break up any little snags in the fibers and keep everything looking fluffy and realistic. Brushing your faux fur pieces also lifts dirt or body oils to the surface, so you can clean them away before they really set in. Trust me, a little brushing goes a long way!

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How to clean faux fur

Speaking of cleaning, it's best to keep things gentle when washing faux fur. I always make sure to flip over the care tag first just to double-check the laundry symbols and manufacturer's instructions. If it's safe, I like to hand wash in a sink rather than put it in the washing machine. Just use a tiny amount of mild detergent in cool water, then agitate the material to lift away dirt. The key is not to twist or wring it out - those movements can stretch and distort the fuzz over time. Let it air dry naturally, too, since heat tools run the risk of melting the fibers.

Of course, treat stains right away for the best chance of removal. We all know how certain stains can set if you let them linger too long. So anytime there's a spill, just blot it up front, then use a dab of dish soap on a cotton ball to spot clean before a full wash cycle. Brightly colored fur will stay that way if you act fast!

A step-by-step guide to cleaning faux fur

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According to Wayne Edelman, CEO of Meurice Garment Care, hand washing is the safest method to wash faux fur and maintain its realistic looks. These are the steps he recommends:

  • Add 2 cups of mild detergent to a tub filled with cold water, submerge the item, gently agitate the water, and leave it for 30 min.
  • Rinse well by running cold water through the fur until the water is clear from soap.
  • Place the faux fur in a mesh bag. add a suitable amount of mild, color-safe detergent and soak for 15 min.
  • Select a delicate cycle on the washing machine, select cold water, and low spin for 10 min.
Wayne Edelman
Wayne Edelman

For over 50 years, Meurice has been renowned for their expertise and consistency. They provide top-quality cleaning for all items and tackle even the toughest stains. To them, that also means that they are communicative every step of the way. Meurice prides themselves on being New York’s premier dependable dry cleaning service.

Faux Fur Maintenance Tips

  • For drying: lay the faux fur in its original shape on a drying rack for 24 hours. Don't be tempted to use a dryer.
  • To remove wrinkles: the safest method is steaming.
  • For smoothing faux fur: Mix 1 tsp conditioner with 2 cups of warm water in a spray bottle and brush through it. Don't use fabric softener.
  • Storing: Proper clothing storage goes a long way in keeping faux furs looking their finest between uses. I like placing mine into breathable garment bags such as the SLEEPING LAMB 60'' Long Hanging Garment Bags from Amazon to protect from dust, moisture, and sunlight damage, all of which can accelerate wear and tear over the months and years.


How long does faux fur last?

If cared for and treated well, faux fur can last for over a decade. To keep it well maintained, clean it once per season or when it becomes soiled, dirty, or unkempt. However, you should spot-clean dirt and stains whenever necessary.

Simple care, such as regular brushing, gentle cleaning, and good storage practices, will keep your faux fur pieces fluffy for seasons to come.

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