3 things I do after every shower to make cleaning quick and easy

These three tricks make cleaning my shower ten times easier and cut my bathroom cleaning time in half

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More likely than not, you don’t think about starting to clean your bathroom while you are showering and getting ready for the day – I know I never used to. 

However, after working in a few moments of quick cleaning after every shower, I realized that it not only makes cleaning a shower quicker and easier but also helps to reduce how long I have to spend cleaning throughout the week.

These are the three things I always do after every shower, and why I swear by these cleaning micro-moments to help stay on top of cleaning a bathroom.

Things I do after every shower to make cleaning easier

1. Rinse down shower walls

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Soap scum is the worst offender in any shower. Not only does it make the basin slippy, but stains glass doors, and makes shower curtains and grout turn pink with bacteria or go moldy – not exactly the environment you would want to shower in. 

After growing tired of cleaning mold in the shower with chemicals and scrubbing mold off of grout, having to admit defeat when faced with staining, I started rinsing down my shower walls at the end of every shower with the shower head and some cold water. Not only does it rinse away the soap, but any lingering hair too, flushing it into the hair trap to make cleaning up quicker and less messy.

This is, of course, not a replacement for giving them a good clean with a bathroom cleaner or steam cleaning grout, which I still do every week or two, but it makes the process simpler when I do a deep cleaning – the lack of ache in my arm attests to that.

2. Use a squeegee on shower glass

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Removing limescale from shower glass is another one of those seemingly impossible cleaning tasks that take forever and leave me with a sore arm afterward. 

A habit I picked up from my dad was to always use a squeegee that I keep in the shower to push the water off of the glass after rinsing down the shower, removing any lingering water and soap scum before it can cake the glass and turning it cloudy. 

This is the longest step of my post-shower routine, but I like to wrap myself in my towel to start drying off as I do so, so it doesn't take too much time out of my evening routine. 

When it comes to cleaning shower glass, all I have to do is disinfect and give it a quick polish – no scrubbing or steaming required.  

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3. Open the window to release humidity

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Humidity in a bathroom is a given, but it is also a major cause of mold growth in and around showers. While I have a constant running extractor in my bathroom, I always make an effort to remove as much excess moisture from the space after a shower as possible. 

There are a few ways you can reduce humidity in a bathroom, from an extractor fan to bathroom plants. The best is simple – open up the window. I throw open the window, turn my extractor to boost, and close the bathroom door to ensure the excess moisture is removed and not pushed into the rest of my home. 

This not only helps to dry out my shower and prevent mold growth but helps my towels and mats dry out too, making towels smell fresh. I think you’ll find it’s one of the many things people with nice-smelling bathrooms do.   


What is the fastest way to deep clean a shower?

The best way to deep clean a shower quickly and with minimal scrubbing is to use a steamer to kill mold and bacteria and melt away soap scum. Make sure to use the right attachments for each job, with a wire brush from grout, and a cleaning mitt or soft pad for the walls and basin to avoid scratching the tiles or acrylic.  

What is the easiest shower to keep clean?

The easiest shower material to maintain and keep clean is acrylic, as it allows water to flow off easily and has no grout for water and soap to stick to, reducing the chance of mold and bacteria growth.  

To make cleaning a shower drain easier, it is a good idea to also use a hair trap over your plughole to help trap debris before it enters the pipes and make it easier to clean up after every shower, make cleaning a bathroom quick and avoid having to unclog a shower drain

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