Where should you place an air purifier in a bedroom? 4 positions that never fail

Know where to best place your bedroom air purifier for a healthy night’s sleep

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Issues with air quality are one thing we all have to deal with, and even more so during the warmer months with higher pollen counts. As a result, more and more of us are choosing to invest in air purifiers to cleanse the air we breathe at home.

In order to maximize the benefits they provide, one of the best places to put air purifiers is considered the bedroom. It’s where we sleep every night and spend on average a third of our lives.

By knowing where exactly in the bedroom to place it, you will be able to ensure your air purifier works effectively and creates a healthier sleep environment.

Where should you place an air purifier in a bedroom 

Below is a detailed guide on where to put your air purifier in the bedroom and why each location is beneficial. 

1. Near the Bed

Placing the air purifier close to the bed is beneficial, especially for those with allergies or respiratory issues. ‘This position allows the air purifier to capture and filter out airborne particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander before they reach you,’ says HVAC expert Justin Bohannon. ‘Ideally, position the unit within 3 to 5 feet of your bed on a nightstand or small table to maximize clean air intake while you sleep.’

The benefit of placing an air purifier near the bed, reduces the concentration of airborne irritants you breathe during sleep, potentially improving sleep quality and reducing allergy symptoms, and giving you an overall better night’s sleep.

Justin B
Justin Bohannon

Justin Bohannon is the owner/operator at Tech-On-Deck Heating, Air & Electric. Justin has worked in HVAC for more than a decade, beginning while working in maintenance during college. He started my business in 2014 and has grown it into an award-winning small business. 

2. Opposite the Room Entrance

Positioning the air purifier near the bedroom's entrance allows it to filter out pollutants as they enter the room. Air purifiers help with dust, fluff, and other allergens brought from other parts of the house or through the door if it leads outside before they enter the bedroom.

By placing your air purifier here, you create a barrier to incoming pollutants, maintaining cleaner air inside the bedroom. This setup can prevent the buildup of external pollutants from circulating within the room.

If you are placing your air purifier towards the entrance of your bedroom, then it may be worth investing in one that covers a wider area and will reach the far end of the room. The Honeywell HPA200 HEPA Air Purifier from Amazon is designed to cover large rooms and will clean up to 1500 sq ft of air every hour. 

3. Near a Window

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One place you can put in an air purifier is near a bedroom window as this location can be extremely effective in drawing out impurities. It will cleanse the air from the outside, as air purifiers work by removing pollutants like outdoor pollen, vehicle exhaust, or industrial contaminants before they spread throughout the room.

This is different from placing an air purifier near a window in your bathroom as you want the device to focus on the humidity and moisture inside compared to outdoor allergens. 

4. Central Location

Placing the air purifier in a central location where airflow is unrestricted can be very effective for improving general air quality. This allows the purifier to pull air from all parts of the room, ensuring an even distribution of filtered air.

By having an air purifier in a central location to your bedroom, you maximize the air purifier's coverage area, ensuring all parts of the bedroom benefit.

 Additional Tips for Effective Placement 

In addition to strategically placing your air purifier throughout your bedroom, there are some other tips you can implement to maximize the device’s effectiveness. Below are some suggestions from Asif Bux, Owner & Service Manager at Comfort Union, an HVAC & plumbing company.

Avoid Corners: Placing an air purifier in a corner can restrict its intake and output efficiency, reducing its overall performance.

Elevation: Elevating the air purifier on a stand can help improve air circulation, especially if the unit is small or compact such as the AROEVE Air Purifier from Amazon.

Regular Maintenance: To maintain optimal performance, it's important to know how to regularly maintain and clean an air purifier, such as replacing filters as the manufacturer recommends. According to Asif, clogged filters can reduce airflow efficiency by up to 50%. 

Asif Bux
Asif Bux

Asif Bux proudly leads Comfort Union, a licensed HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical company in Calgary, Alberta. He is a licensed gas fitter with an eclectic background in Chemical Engineering and Business. 


Should you keep your air purifier all night?

Yes, you should keep your air purifier running during the night. Air purifiers do not consume a lot of energy to operate, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of clean air without running up your electricity costs. 

When placing an air purifier in your bedroom be sure to keep it away from any obstructions. Try to not place the air purifier near curtains, furniture, or any other object that may block the air from circulating in the room, otherwise, you may be hindering the air intake and ultimately preventing your air purifier from doing its job! 

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