5 bathroom hardware ideas to elevate your scheme

Small in size but large in impact – these bathroom hardware ideas add the perfect finishing touch to your design

Bathroom hardware ideas
(Image credit: Turnstyle Designs & @kimberleyharrisoninteriors/Ca' Pietra/West One Bathrooms)

Bathroom hardware ideas can really vary, from sleek modern designs to enduring classics, so it can be tricky to know which route to take. There's also the question of whether all of your bathroom hardware should match, or whether to embrace a more eclectic style. So what's the best way to approach your scheme?

More often than not, bathroom ideas heavily focus on the bigger features – countertops, tiles, and decor are core to creating your required aesthetic. But bathroom hardware is the final addition that ties all of these elements together.

If you're not sure what hardware to introduce to your scheme, or for some inspiring ways to update your existing space, these bathroom hardware ideas offer the finishing touch your bathroom deserves.

Bathroom hardware ideas

A great way to update your bathroom without replacing it, bathroom hardware has more of an effect on your bathroom aesthetic than you might think. From style and size to the color of your handles and accessories, these ideas will ensure you do your bathroom design justice.

1. Create cohesion with matching hardware

Black bathroom with brass hardware

(Image credit: Turnstyle Designs/@kimberleyharrisoninteriors)

A simple yet effective way to elevate a bathroom scheme is to introduce cohesion through your bathroom hardware. Opt for one consistent finish across your faucet, vanity handles, light fixtures, and towel ring for a sophisticated design.

'In the bathroom, you’re contending with other metals used within the space – consider your taps, plumbing, and lighting, and select a similar finish to create cohesion. Unless intentional, there’s nothing more jarring than antique brass used throughout the room and then high-sheen chrome on the cabinetry and storage,' says Oscar Roberts, managing director at Turnstyle Designs.

'More and more we are seeing designers move away from hard finishes like chrome and nickel in bathrooms. Using antique finishes like our Burnished Brass can bring a real warmth to the space while combining it with organic textures adds character,' he suggests.

2. Keep it classic with brassware


(Image credit: Ca’ Pietra)

Brassware is a classic choice when it comes to bathroom hardware ideas – it's timeless, enduring, and pairs beautifully with plenty of bathroom color ideas. And, because it's a sought-after choice, you can find some eye-catching designs to give your space unique appeal.

'Combining sophistication and versatility, brushed brass has been used in interior design for centuries, proving its timeless quality. It is also well-known for its impressive durability and resistance to moisture, making it the perfect choice for bathroom settings,' says Jeevan Seth, CEO at JTP.

'It strikes the perfect balance between being eye-catching and on-trend without being too overwhelming or garish. By coordinating all of the main bathroom fixtures you can instantly create a cohesive decorative scheme that flows beautifully,' Jeevan adds.

3. Introduce contrast between your hardware and vanity color

black bathroom ideas, black bathroom with floral wallpaper above black tongue and groove, wood and marble vanity unit, mirror, terracotta style tiles

(Image credit: Maestri Studio / Jenifer McNeil Baker)

Bathroom hardware can make such a difference in a scheme, so you want it to have its moment. As such, choosing a finish that stands out against your bathroom vanity will ensure your design feels elevated.

This doesn't mean your bathroom hardware has to be the statement feature of your scheme if you don't want it to be. This scheme nails the balance – a natural wooden vanity adds an organic element to the space, while the iron hardware adds a decorative touch without feeling overpowering.

To make more of a statement with your bathroom hardware, opt for larger fixtures or a bolder colorway that contrasts with the wall or vanity finish.

4. Add playful details

Wood and marble bathroom with gold hardware inlaid with pink onyx

(Image credit: West One Bathrooms)

Bathroom hardware has become more versatile over the years, with more designs featuring decorative elements. One such design that is set to endure is brassware with polished stone detailing – it's a perfect twist on a classic.

'At the moment, I love a brand called Kallista which we use a lot in our bathroom designs. Their latest collections of brassware have integrated marble and onyx into the handles, as well as launching a range of traditional style brassware but with beautiful bright colored handles that make them an excellent choice for transitional bathroom spaces,' says Louise Ashdown, head of design at West One Bathrooms.

'My go-to would be the Polished Nickel with Pink Onyx inlays as they have a real romantic and feminine nod without being too girly. Style with a neutral color palette and against a backdrop of other tactile materials. Don’t over style the space with accessories and keep it paired back to ensure that the brassware remains the star of the show,' she suggests.

5. Embrace traditional hardware in a modern bathroom

blue bathroom with white tiles, brass lights to either side of mirror and blue dresser

(Image credit: OWL Design, photography Veronica Rodriguez)

Mixing old and new is a steadfast way to add character and personality to your bathroom design. If you want to create a transitional bathroom, start by introducing traditional hardware in a more contemporary space.

In this blue bathroom, brass hardware contrasts beautifully against the blue-painted wall and white tile backsplash. This scheme feels more contemporary, but is given instant warmth and timeless appeal via the warm-toned metal, something that couldn't be achieved with a finish like chrome or nickel.

If you do want to add a bit more visual interest, introduce bathroom hardware in the same finish – in this case, brass – but with varying designs. Combine knobs, handles, and drawer pulls for a more eclectic finish.

There are so many bathroom hardware ideas that offer a perfect way to complete your scheme. Whether your bathroom leans more traditional, modern, or somewhere in the middle, there's something here for almost every space.

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