How to organize a bathroom with no storage – 4 flexible solutions for success

We know how hard it can be to keep a bathroom organized when there's no built-in storage – pro organizers share ways to work around it

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A lack of built-in storage space in the bathroom is all too common, but there are lots of flexible options out there to contain our toiletries and towels – even when it initially feels like there's nowhere to put anything.

Organizing a bathroom that doesn't have any drawers, shelves or cabinets is doable, it just requires more savvy solutions and a little discipline. 

Some good bathroom organizers will be your best friend, and keeping backup products elsewhere is also a must. Here's how to get around the issue of zero bathroom storage.

Organizing a bathroom with no storage

We turned to professional organizers and designers for the best ways to organize a bathroom that doesn't have any storage.

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1. Use baskets

Consider purchasing some luxury storage baskets that will fit between your toilet and sink, or on any surface space you might have available. There are lots of tips and tricks for organizing bathroom counters, but if you'd rather keep surfaces clear for easy cleaning, you could always hang baskets with hooks on the wall or on the back of the door.

Not only will baskets give all of your bathroom essentials a home (so you know where to find everything), baskets invite some welcome texture, pattern, and shape into the space that can sometimes feel angular and cold. As the saying goes, the more floor space the eye can see, the larger the room will appear, but as long as you choose some stylish storage baskets that you love looking at, we think this rule can be broken in the name of practicality.

Don't feel they have to be small, either: professional organizer Lauren Saltman from Living. Simplified. suggests incorporating larger baskets placed on the floor. 'If near the toilet, the basket can hold extra toilet paper. If elsewhere in the bathroom, a decorative basket can hold towels,' she suggests. 

Lauren Saltman

For Professional Organizer Lauren Saltman of Living.Simplified., decluttering and organizing is how she lives her daily life, whether she is organizing her home, a friend’s office, or a client’s garage, her resourceful approach yields happy clients who learn to incorporate techniques for a happier and more simplified lifestyle.

2. Hide toiletries behind a mirror

Swapping out your bathroom mirror could be all you need to do. 'Install a vanity mirror that has a medicine cabinet behind the mirror to store toiletries,' recommends Jennifer Beget, lead designer at J Beget Designs. 

A mirrored cabinet, at Amazon, enhances the sense of space and makes a small bathroom feel brighter and, most importantly, gives you somewhere to store your toothbrush, medicine, skincare and other bathroom essentials. There are lots of clever ways to keep a medicine cabinet organized to maximize the space, too.

3. Choose slim designs

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A narrow shelving unit or a rolling cart will take up very little room and will give you multiple surfaces for toiletries and plants. For towels, a slim ladder can be an effortless and stylish solution. As long as you measure carefully, something as simple as a corner shelf, at Target, can make typically unusable areas of the bathroom work harder. A slim rolling cart, at Amazon, is another good option as you can always use it for something else later down the line, from craft storage, to kitchen storage.

Narrow bathroom cabinet with 3 drawers and 2-tier shelf |$120.99 at Target

Narrow bathroom cabinet with 3 drawers and 2-tier shelf |$120.99 at Target
Storage solutions with tall and slender profiles, such as this bathroom cabinet, will help keep items neat, with closed storage handy for keeping less aesthetically pleasing items concealed and open shelving for keeping go-to items to hand.

4. Use the walls

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An easy way to organize a small bathroom lacking in storage is to use the vertical space. Similar to choosing tall and narrow storage solutions, attaching baskets, hooks and shelves to the walls will keep things streamlined. Over-the-door organizers, at Amazon, are great options, too. And if it's shampoo bottles that you need to find homes for, a mesh fabric over the door shoe organizer, at Amazon is one inexpensive way to prevent them cluttering the surfaces around the bathtub or shower.

Interior designer Elden Gomes at My Home by Saint Gobain swears by hanging organizers for toiletries and hair tools and over-the-door hooks for towels and robes.


How do you fill dead space in the bathroom?

'Consider adding shelves or corner storage units for storing toiletries, towels, and other items,' says Danielle Dorn, creative director at mDesign. 'Towel racks or hooks can also be used on walls or doors to provide designated spaces for those items. 

'You can also add a touch of nature to the bathroom with a potted plant or use a rolling storage cart to fill empty spaces and add extra storage options.'

As well as creating mobile storage, be intentional with what you display to help organize a bathroom for a better morning routine. A luxury soap by the sink instantly elevates, and one of your best candles resting on the counter in an otherwise minimalist space will create a spa-like feel each time you visit the bathroom.

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