Bath caddies – 10 luxury buys for the ultimate relaxing soak

These bath caddies are essential for aiding your relaxation and helping you unwind

Anthropologie marble bath caddy on bath with bath boil, brush and flannel
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Bath caddies are the key element to a relaxing soak, providing a place to nestle a book or light a candle. Sturdy yet luxurious and indulgent, one of these caddies is sure to make your next bath spa-like in quality or could make a perfect gift for a friend who needs a little self-care time. 

These bath essentials are also wonderful bathroom storage ideas if you want to display your essential oils or bath salts in an elegant way, meaning that they are within reach when you need to unwind. 

Baths are a sanctuary of quiet, a place where you can let your mind and body be free of daily noise for a little while, so it's good to ensure that you have practical measures covered with one of these luxurious caddies. 

Any fervent readers will want to add one of these trays to their bath, with certain options having stands that make getting through your next novel as easy as turning the page. If you love to organize your different bathtime elements, then there are also picks with dividers to keep everything neat and free from watery damage. Yes, a bath caddy is a genius bathroom organization idea.

10 bath caddies to complete your bathroom

1. Mercedes Marble Bath Caddy: View at Anthropologie
This marble bath caddy is a handcrafted delight, which has grooves for keeping your essential oils or bath salts on. Subtle, yet luxurious, this caddy is perfect for propping a candle on as you soak away.

2. Live Edge Charred Bath Caddy in Black: View at cb2
There's a natural element to this bath caddy, and this charred teak material is bound to be a striking contrast to your bathroom decor. It's a really unique piece and has an adjustable track on the underside to allow it to fit any bath. 

3. Ledge Bath Caddy: View at Ballard Designs
This functional pick proves you don't have to sacrifice style in order to get what you need from your bath caddy. A wood rest flips up from the centre of this board, a nestling place for iPads, books or Kindles, and there's plenty of space alongside for bath salts or candles. 

4. Eldred Bath Caddy: View at West Elm
If you prefer your bath caddy to be more traditional, this steel choice will suit you and has so many functions when it comes to storage. It's adjustable to suit different bathtub sizes, and is available in a range of finishes, from antique brass to polished nickel, so you can coordinate your bathroom down to the tiniest detail.

5. Handcarved Lombok Bath Caddy: View at Anthropologie
It's essential to have items in every corner of your home that look like they were made to be there, and this hand-carved acacia wood caddy is just that. The indigio shade is unique and fresh, and this sturdy piece won't let you down when it's holding your laptop or essential oils.

6. Me Time Bamboo Bath Tray Caddy: View at Urban Outfitters
Bamboo is a natural fit for bathrooms, as is this sustainable caddy. It's compact so that you can take it down if you need the bath for other purposes than soaking, and has arms so that it can extend to any width.   There are so many spots for items on this caddy, so you can take your wine glass, book and candles in for an unwinding bath.

7. Rounded Edge Bath Caddy: View at McGee & Co
There's something special about this rustic looking pick from McGee & Co, and we love how it looks contrasted with the liveliness of plants in a bathroom setting. It will look and feel natural in your tub, and gives an organic texture to your time designed to relaxing. 

8. Maison Storage Bath Caddy: View at Anthropologie
Investing in this indulgent caddy is bound to make your bathtimes better, with all of the space you need to soak in style. It's available in three different finishes: black, antique silver and antique brass, so all that's left to do is pick the one you like most.

9. Swivel Bath Tray: View at Uncommon Goods
Unrestricted and the perfect size for any bath, this distinctive swivel tray is easy to move when you no longer need it around. It's still spacious enough to hold all bath essentials, and its clean design is crafted to a high quality.

10. Brockton Bamboo Bath Caddy: View at West Elm
This handmade caddy has a stripped-back design, and offers all of the essential features you need, without overshadowing the rest of your bathroom's design. Simple, yet elevated, this is sure to complement your candles and bath oils nicely. 

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Bathtime is a sacred window of time where you can truly relax, so it's no surprise that you might still be on the hunt for your perfect match. There are plenty of retailers with high-quality caddies made from lasting, sturdy materials. These are the following retailers that are essential to finding your one true bath caddy:

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