The ultimate gift guide for home obsessives – presents they actually want

These the best home gifts, as recommended by product testers and interior design experts.

A three panel image showing some of the best home gifts; Waterfall Coupe Glasses; A Harlem Candle Co Speakeasy Candle; and a Terrain Reversible Twilight Merino Wool Throw
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The holidays are right around the corner and that means gifting. Few presents are as well-received as gifts for the home, which always show a personal touch. 

However, the rise of online shopping means that there's an almost unlimited number of products out there vying for your money. But a lot of them don't stand up to scrutiny. They might be poorly made, ill-thought out and ultimately end up as clutter. 

As a product tester, I know first-hand which products are worthwhile and which don't deserve your money. After combing through literally thousands of possibilities, these are the home gifts people actually want. There's no gimmicks in here or fads. These are products we've tried and tested first hand, and if not, they're backed up by meticulous research. The candle picks are all backed up by our tests of the best candles, the best houseplants in this guide have been given the nod by our expert in-house gardeners, and homewares are all loved by our interiors team.

I've found luxuries, decorative touches, and my tested picks of expert tools for the kitchen and backyard. There's specialist products as well as entry level pieces for those just starting out with interior design and decoration. These are the gifts that are genuinely worth giving. 

Gifting FAQs

How much should I spend on gifts?

Unfortunately, there's no set rule with this. It entirely depends on your budget, what you want to buy, and who will be receiving the gift. $50 per  gift is a good rough ballpark but it entirely depends on the recipient. 

Are appliances good gifts?

They can be, but not always. For example, I'd never buy someone a vacuum cleaner unless they'd specifically asked for it. It might seem like you're suggesting they need to clean up. If, however, they're a keen baker, a stand mixer is a great gift. 

Are candles good gifts?

Almost always. A good scented candle is the sort of minor luxury that people often won't buy themselves. They only thing to bear in mind is that different people like different scents. You'd better be really sure that you know their taste before you get them a strong, oud-forward candle they won't actually use. 

If you're not sure on any of this, it's worth reading our advice on whether or not pizza ovens make a good gift, for example. You can also take a deeper dive into our expert tests of a wide range of different products. If you're shopping for a coffee lover, it's a good idea to read our research into the best coffee makers, for example. 

Alex David
Head of eCommerce

As Head of eCommerce, Alex makes sure our readers find the right information to help them make the best purchase. After graduating from Cambridge University, Alex got his start in reviewing at the iconic Good Housekeeping Institute, testing a wide range of household products and appliances. He then moved to BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine, assessing gardening tools, machinery, and wildlife products. Helping people find true quality and genuine value is a real passion.

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