Alexandra Daddario's subtle back-drop is the ultimate modern farmhouse feature for timeless style

The actress's paired-back walls prove that the cozy, country canvas will never go out of style

Alexandra Daddario
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Ask almost any interior designer to describe a classic farmhouse scheme and we've no doubt their mood board would feature a shiplap backdrop. 

American Actress Alexandra Daddario has adopted the popular look with original shaker integrity. 

Paneling for walls has been a starting point for country cabin couture for many Californian celebrity homes. And, even though some designers are asking the question: is shiplap going out of style? The interest in farmhouse-style continues to rise. 

'The farmhouse aesthetic encompasses the rustic, wooden style and brings it to life. Worldwide Pinterest searches for ‘farmhouse décor’ have risen 63% over the past three months, highlighting the growing popularity of the style', says Laura Burnett from Feather & Black.

'The rise in interest has been attributed to the blend of a rustic style and contemporary beauty that farmhouses offer.'

When considering a farmhouse house theme, starting with a shiplap backdrop will ensure the groundwork sets an organically inspired scene that will remain ageless to then layer other elements of the decorating story.

'Shiplap is an easy way to give your interior a new look. It is an easy way to create a fresh new style that connects your space to nature, says Amy Jones, founder of greta - mae interior design.

'Shiplap adds texture, depth, and life to your home, making it a perfect foundation for any interior scheme'.

Amy Jones founder of Greta-Mae Interior Design
Amy Jones

greta-mae is an award-winning independent Interior Design Studio based in Mid Wales, run by Amy Jones. 

The studio provides residential and commercial clients in Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire, Liverpool and London with the highest quality design concepts. Amy loves working with owners on full house designs - helping them create spaces unique to them and their families.

Shiplap walls are simple, practical and ultra versatile. Installed horizontally the feature instills an authentic rustic appeal that radiates cabin couture. Mounted vertically the panels take on a more elegant slant that suits both country and contemporary room schemes..

'When installed vertically it can draw your eye up and give the illusion of more height in the room' says Catherine Seagrave at The Living House.

'We love seeing shiplap paneling used as a backdrop to more modern pieces... Combining the period look of shiplap with more modern shapes creates an interesting and eclectic interior that you will love for many years to come.'

living room with yellow and blue accents, pair of blue matching armchairs, cream couch, ottoman with upholstered top, shiplap walls, artwork, vases, table lamps

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Alexandra's paneling paint idea to use 'greige' as a neutral ensures her space conjures a timeless yet modern value.

The minimalist room benefits from an injection of warmth without compromising the sense of space, while the combination forms a statement that looks effortlessly high-end without being overwhelming or uninviting.

Grey living room with yellow furniture

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

To ensure shiplap walls remain timeless and elegant the choice of hue is fundamental. Although wall panels can be painted any color, a muted tone will enhance the feature with subtle warmth and accentuate its natural attribute.

off white kitchen vintage style with shiplap walls, white painted floor, vintage rug, marble countertop, butler sink, tiled backsplash, open shelving, hanging utensils

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A pale yet warm neutral painted on vertical shiplap walls will ensure the original practical farmhouse elements remain while an up-to-date tone radiates a fresh yet warming aesthetic that fits with modern life.