Anne Hathaway's living room wall color is an unusual choice that will reign supreme in 2025, say experts

Why not bring an element of surprise and intrigue to your home with a warm peach wall?

Anne Hathaway
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When planning the decoration of our home, the instinct is often to paint them white to give the impression of space and enhance light, but there are other options. From delicate plaster pinks to captivating coral tones, peach and salmon hues are having a moment. Evocative of sunbaked Mediterranean buildings to fruity summer desserts, this surprisingly warm tone brings joy to any space it touches.

Decorating with pink is extremely versatile and has been a popular choice in interiors for centuries. Of all the variations, salmon pink and peach have the edge over others as they share orange undertones and warm characteristics.

Designed by Pamela Shamshiri of Studio Shamshiri, Anne Hathaway's 1906 country house takes its room color cues from the romance and beauty of the Southern California landscape. 

‘The salmon is called the king of fish for good reason. In all its forms, salmon is a color we have enjoyed on the walls of our homes, just as much as we have on our plates for centuries,’ says Marianne Shillingford, Dulux creative director. 'The distinctive blush orange color was first described as salmon pink in the late 1700s and appeared on the walls of the finest houses until the 1940s when it became widely available to the masses through affordable modern emulsion paints. Peach, on the other hand, saw great popularity in later decades. ‘Its warm candlelight glow makes homes feel cozy and welcoming,’ adds Marianne.

With its clear ties to the natural world, salmon pink is used for painting accent walls and brightening a living space with splashes of color that symbolize and promote health and vitality. ‘Due to its close relationship with pink and orange shades, the color is mood-boosting and energy-stimulating without becoming overwhelming like many red shades. On the other hand, with more muted and subtle tones, salmon pink can become a good choice to enhance quiet confidence and serenity,’ enthuses Sarah Lloyd, senior brand manager at Valspar.

Peach also has a clear connection with nature and represents a set of shades ranging from a light orange pink to a yellow-hued orange,’ Sarah expands. ‘It is often used as a neutral shade instead of beige and warm whites. Encouraging light into a space, enriching it with calming yet refreshing energy, peach pink is great for a living or family room.’

Ruth Motteshead, creative director at Little Greene, agrees that softer peach hues can act as a neutral base for any decorating projects. ‘They are reminiscent of natural plaster shades, with earthy undertones that add warmth to a space to provide a color highlight or act as a neutral base for introducing bolder colors.’

If you are looking for color contrast, Andy Greenall, creative director at Paint & Paper Library suggests ‘contrasting peach shades with teals, cool whites, darker blues and grays, as Pamela Shamshiri has done in Anne Hathaway's living room. Or add natural finishes and combine with warmer neutrals for a sumptuous feel.’

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