Benny Blanco's closet trailblazes this color trend – experts love the cozy opulence it brings to his brilliant storage setup

This luxe shade makes a bold statement in the producer's stunning closet – and it's unlike any dressing room we've ever seen

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It's not common for a closet to stop us in our tracks, but Benny Blanco's closet does just that.

The music producer and songwriter's clothing storage space is no normal closet idea: it's color-drenched in deep, mauve-pink pain, with pink carpets and a pink armchair. Blanco's walls are a showcase of effective built-ins, from stylish drawers to mirrored closets and open shelves for accessories. A vanity with bright lights adds a bit of fun, while a crystal chandelier brings a sense of classic luxury.

'In the world of music production, Benny Blanco is renowned for his creative genius and unique flair. This same ingenuity is evident in his meticulously designed, pink-toned closet, which stands as a testament to both functionality and style,' says Nina Lichtenstein, Westchester-based interior designer of the dressing room. She continues, 'Combining practicality with an unmistakable touch of luxury, Blanco’s closet is not just a space for clothing but a statement of personal elegance and innovative design.'

Furthermore, the way the space is designed as a playful room for getting ready, rather than a space of pure function, is becoming an interior design trend of 2024. Lichtenstein tells Homes & Gardens: 'As we look to the future, it’s clear that the influence of such innovative designs will continue to grow. The trend towards dressing room-style closets, characterized by their unique color schemes and sophisticated organization, is likely to inspire many. Benny Blanco’s closet is not just a personal triumph; it’s a glimpse into the future of luxurious, personalized home design.'

Nina Lichtenstein
Nina Lichtenstein

Nina Lichtenstein is the founder and principal home designer at her eponymous design studio, based in Westchester, NY. Nina believes that home design should capture a family’s unique spirit by how it serves the family's daily needs while nourishing the soul. She has been celebrated for designing, renovating, and building elegant living spaces.

The popularity of Blanco's look stems from the fact that it is both functional and stunning. First, it's a treasure trove of home organizing ideas. 'Blanco’s closet is a masterclass in organization, cleverly integrating a variety of storage solutions that cater to different needs,' says Lichtenstein. She continues, 'The mix of closed cabinetry and open shelves provides the perfect balance between display and discretion. The closed cabinets are ideal for storing items that benefit from protection against dust and light, while the open shelves can showcase his favorite pieces, turning them into a visual feature. Pull-out sections and drawers offer additional storage options, keeping everything neatly in place and easily accessible.'

The unparalleled style of the walk-in closet enhances these effects. Lichtenstein states: 'The choice of pink carpeting, paint, and accents in Blanco’s closet is both bold and sophisticated. Pink, often associated with creativity and calmness, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. It complements the organization of the space by providing a unified backdrop that ties together the various elements. The pink tones are echoed in the sitting area, which features a plush chair and ottoman, creating a cozy space that invites relaxation and contemplation. Adding to this luxurious vibe is a statement crystal chandelier hanging over the sitting area, its sparkling facets casting a soft, elegant glow and elevating the entire room's ambiance.'

She continues, 'The color scheme also highlights the meticulous organization, making each section stand out while maintaining a cohesive look. The pink elements soften the overall aesthetic, adding a touch of playfulness without compromising on elegance. This balance between functionality and style is what sets Blanco’s closet apart, making it a true reflection of his personality and taste.'

The Pink Edit

With Benny Blanco's dressing room as the blueprint, we're excited to see what closet organization looks like going forward.

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