Benny Blanco achieves a subtly elegant kitchen by utilizing this eternally versatile hue

The producer makes the case for an all-white cooking space in his Los Angeles abode – here's how to achieve a similar imapct

Benny Blanco
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Producer, musician, and self-made chef Benny Blanco divides his time between creating infectious beats and trendy meals; it makes sense, then, that the space he makes food in is sleek, sophisticated, and notably all-white.

The all-white kitchen is the workhorse of culinary spaces. Bright and full of possibility, these open spaces can be a canvas for minimalist decor or a breath of fresh air amidst busier rooms in a home. 

While a white kitchen's outward appearance can be simple and uniform, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when putting one together. First and foremost, how to keep it clean and pristine. 

'White doesn't hide much, so keeping on top of your cleaning is a must if you like the look of an all-white kitchen,' explains interior designer Floss Kelly. 'Use gentle, non-abrasive cleaners to avoid scratching surfaces. If you are going to build a new kitchen, I strongly recommend carefully choosing easy-to-clean materials like high-quality tiles for backsplashes and quartz or marble for countertops; even if the price tag is a little steeper, it truly makes upkeep more manageable and keeps the kitchen looking its best for longer.'

Floss Kelly
Floss Kelly

Brand Director and Co-Founder of online store TileCloud; Floss has extensive experience in the home renovations and interior industry; using her background in design and ceramics to bring the TileCloud business to life. 

Once you have committed to keeping it clean, next comes the excitement of decorating your white kitchen. To avoid the space feeling sterile, Floss recommends playing with different finishes and textures to create depth and visual interest in the space. She says that matte finishes on cabinets, glossy tiles for the backsplash, or a textured marble countertop are all good options.

Despite the uniformity, non-white details aren't off the table if they are done tastefully. 'Wood accents, whether in the form of floating shelves, a statement wooden table, or even wooden utensil holders, are a simple way to bring warmth and a natural feel without taking over the all-white look,' she suggests. 'Or, you can use metallic finishes like brass or chrome for hardware and fixtures to add a touch of elegance and contrast with modern elements.' 

All in all, monochromatic white kitchens are a subtly elegant and easily adaptable design choice. Below, see our picks for some Benny Blanco-inspired white kitchenware. 

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