Blake Lively's New York home is a source of timeless inspiration – here are 5 key design lessons to replicate

From paint hues to light fixtures – this upstate abode is a trove of accessible style lessons that translate to every type of home

Blake Lively
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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds may be Hollywood's favorite power couple, but their primary residence is over 2800 miles from Tinseltown's hills in Pound Ridge, New York. 

Their home is warm, rustic, and effortlessly stylish, drawing inspiration from its verdant zip code that feels a million miles from a city buzz (despite being only one hour from Manhattan). It's no secret that we're long admirers of their abode – but after years of sourcing glimpses of their rooms, we thought it was time to round up five of their most inspiring. 

'I low-key moonlight as an interior designer, but please don’t tell because I definitely don’t want the world to know that I have a hidden talent which I require external validation on,' Blake jokes via Instagram. However, after a look at some of her stand-out spaces, we'd say this actress has a failsafe fall-back career. Here are the most notable decorating ideas we can take from her home. 

1. Accentuate organic modern features

If we had to pin Blake and Ryan's home to one defining style, it would be the organic modern design movement – merging contemporary design styles with naturalistic elements for a look that is destined to transcend fleeting 'trends.' 

Incorporating the organic modern aesthetic can mean different things in every home. The rustic architectural qualities of Blake's residence (we're looking at the raw wooden walls and beams) make it the perfect organic modern canvas – but it's also possible to tap into the look in contemporary properties. 

To begin, look to blend minimalism, mid-century modern decor, and bohemian design styles with organic elements (such as live-edge wood furniture and natural fixtures) to create a layered space that oozes sophistication. We're starting with these rustic pieces below.

2. Experiment with pockets of vibrancy

Decorating with blue, or any bold hue, is not always for the faint-hearted. However, Blake and Ryan have shown us a way of experimenting with a vibrancy that will suit even the most cautious of painters. 

While much of their home exhibits soothing neutrals, the couple played with a vivid azure tone in moderation. This pocket of color, in (what appears to be) a nook in their living space, reminds us that we can have both a rustic, neutral home but still have fun in small but impactful ways. We can do the same by painting a more compact space, like a reading nook, powder room, or single accent wall that will influence our home's ambiance, no matter how small this gesture may seem.

3. Don't shy from cocooning dark hues 

When choosing a versatile neutral, dark paint can often be overlooked out of fear of appearing dull or overpowering the space. However, Blake and Ryan's home office teaches us how to indulge in these sophisticated tones correctly. The couple has introduced ample lighting, lighter-toned artwork, and accessories that balance their space and ensure it feels cocooning but not compact. 

Their lighter cushions and throws juxtapose against the deep backdrop, while the gold fixture brings ambient lighting in the darker evenings and winter months. We'd also recommend adding a mirror to emphasize all the natural sunlight in your chosen space.

4. Showcase personality through accessories 

If there's one theme that unites nearly all these rooms, it's Blake and Ryan's love for eclectic artwork. Regardless of their wall color, the couple frequently decorates with various shaped frames – some featuring original artworks and others exhibiting prints and photographs. 

In some cases, such as the room above, they form bitesize gallery walls, but in others (including Blake's bedroom), they make a stand-alone statement. Whatever frame we choose, however, we should keep the contents personal and celebrate the images, people, and places that mean the most around our homes.

5. Experiment with task lighting 

We've already noted the importance of lighting in a dark-painted room, but it's just as impactful in Blake and Ryan's living room, where they similarly experiment with richer-toned hues. Here, the couple has mastered task lighting – illuminating only the areas they need (instead of using bright lights to illuminate the entire space at once). 

Choosing small pendant task lights over harsher roof lighting allows them to maintain a cozy ambiance that perfectly suits their warm home. And we can do the same with any small fixture of our choice.

Naturally, we'll be keeping an eye out for any more glimpses inside Blake and Ryan's beautiful home, but in the meantime, we're following their lead with their versatile design lessons. Happy decorating, the Lively way.

Megan Slack
Head of Celebrity Style News

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