Inside the British royal family's most beautiful gardens – take the tour and experience the grandeur of English gardening

From Buckingham Palace to Balmoral Castle – these royal landscapes have served as outdoor inspiration for centuries

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The British royal family's homes are known as some of the best in the world, so it's no surprise that they have gardens to match. These outdoor spaces are (quite literally) fit for a king.

There is a seemingly endless garden inspiration across the dozens of royal residences either owned or previously owned by the Crown throughout the United Kingdom, but at Homes & Gardens, we have a few favorites. Our top five picks include the Windsor Castle Gardens, the Buckingham Palace Gardens, the Royal Gardens at Balmoral Castle, the Highgrove House Gardens, and the Sandringham Estate Gardens. Each has its unique planting and features, but they are all united by an impressive, stately look.

Though English gardens have been trending for quite some time, these royal homes are evidence that the look will never go out of style. Let's explore.

1. Windsor Castle Gardens

Windsor gardens

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Windsor Castle, the residence famously used by the late queen to host foreign monarchs and heads of state, has a stately garden to match. The grounds of the East Terrace Garden contain approximately 3,500 rose bushes. The apricot variety shown here is named for acclaimed British author Roald Dahl, who wrote classics like Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Matilda.

2. Buckingham Palace Gardens

The expansive rose gardens at the palace gardens

(Image credit: The Royal Collection Trust)

It makes sense that the most famous royal home has one of the most impressive gardens, but the London-based Buckingham Palace Garden takes it to the next level. This gorgeous green space is home to 325 wild plant species, over 1000 trees, and 30 species of breeding birds. Aside from gorgeous wildlife, the garden is home to a gorgeous 19th-century lake that reflects the palace on its surface.

3. The Royal Garden at Balmoral Castle


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The Balmoral Castle Gardens were created in 1852 when Prince Albert purchased the home for Queen Victoria. The formal gardens cover three acres, and every single one is beautiful. It's a masterclass in manicured gardening.

4. Highgrove House Gardens

the gardens at highgrove house with the royal family sitting around a table

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Highgrove House was once the family residence of King Charles III and Queen Camilla, and now the gardens are open to the public. Organic gardening and organic lawn management techniques have been incorporated, creating an effect that is both beautiful and sustainable.

5. Sandringham Estate Garden

Prince Philip garden legacy

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Perhaps one of the largest royal gardens, the 60-acre Sandringham Estate garden spans lakes, streams, formal gardens and winding paths. A new topiary garden on the West Side of the garden invites visitors to experience the beauty of the green artform.

Shop H&G's English Gardening Picks

If you are hoping to recreate the royal family's gardens, it makes sense to start with the most quintessentially English garden plants: ivy and roses. We chose these hearty pink and yellow roses to match with those found at the Windsor Castle Gardens and the Buckingham Palace Gardens, while the climbing English ivy mirrors that which is found at Balmoral Castle.

As opposed to traditional American gardening, English gardens tend to savor in the juxtaposition of manicured hedges with more wild, untamed, and natural planting. To build your own English garden, carefully consider how to integrate these contrasts into your own outdoor space with flowers, zoning, and greenery. By planning a garden, you will be able to create a look that is at once sophisticated and free.

While we love the excitement of trying out new garden trends, there is just something special about these historic gardens that have remained the same for hundreds of years. Sometimes inspiration looks to the future, but the British royal family's gardens demonstrate that looking to the past can be just as fruitful.

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