Busy Phillips' living room is made extra cozy using this trendy rug technique

More is more with rug layering, which happens to be a perfect design choice for the winter season

Busy Philipps
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Busy Philipps isn't a regular decorator; she's a cool decorator. Case in point – the Mean Girls actress recently shared a photo of her sun-dappled living room on her Instagram page, and her not one, but two layered rugs.

At first glance, layering rugs might appeal to the maximalist; however, the technique is actually a great way to add subtle texture and complementary patterns to even a minimalist's space (as well as achieving optimal cozy levels, which is just as important).

Experts say there's perhaps no better time than winter to try this rug trend. ‘Heading into the colder months, layering rugs on either a hard or carpeted floor is a wonderful way of bringing even more warmth, texture, and vibrancy into a space,' explains Brintons Design Manager Jodie Hatton. 

Busy Philipps

(Image credit: Busy Philipps)

The key to creating effortless layering is to ensure that colors and patterns don't clash or overwhelm the space. 'To create a balanced scheme, it is important to consider the composition of the colors and patterns that you’re combining, as too many can easily overwhelm a scheme,’ notes Jodie. 

‘As a general rule, it is a good idea to pick out just a few colors and run them throughout the rug scheme or use a hue that harmoniously works well as a backdrop, such as greys or beiges.'

Jodie Hatton
Jodie Hatton

Jodie is a textile designer with over 10 years experience in bespoke design with a focus on high end interior projects.

Patterned rugs are an ideal hack for small spaces, so pairing a fun print with a solid color is a fantastic combination to both expand a room and create a point of interest.

'Similar to how dark walls can transform a small room or a patterned wallpaper can bring interest to otherwise dull space, a patterned rug is an inspired way to make a feature of a smaller room,' says Jodie. 'It can help to add interest and character to the room. By pairing rugs together, the combination also illustrates their different weaves and prints, making a unique design statement and playfully tying a room together.'

We love Busy's take on the design trend, which incorporates a multi-colored, geometric-patterned rug with a textured beige rug, but ultimately, the pairing can be personalized to individual tastes and existing color palettes.

‘Your home should be a reflection of your personality,' Jodie states. 'The warmth, coolness, saturation, and intensity of color all create different effects. Consider how each room will be inhabited and experienced, and most of all, have fun with color!’

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