Cameron Diaz's wood kitchen cabinetry is making a comeback for kitchen trends in 2024

The latest wood kitchens are forgoing painted cover-ups and revealing their true beauty

Cameron Diaz
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Wood kitchens are a classic, but that doesn't mean their looks stay the same over time. The 1970s saw honey-colored wood taking center stage. In the 1980s it was dark wood and black. Scandinavian-style blond wood kitchens have made their mark. And in recent years, painted wood cabinetry has held sway. But now we're seeing a return to wood kitchen cabinet ideas that showcase the beauty of wood in all its forms. 

In recent years, there have been several new and interesting techniques that have reinvigorated the material and made this old staple a modern favorite.

Real wood cabinets are brilliantly versatile and will suit practically any kitchen style. In American actress, Cameron Diaz's kitchen, the oak cabinet kitchen is the true backbone of the space.

The natural beauty and warmth of wood, combined with its strength and resilience, make it ideal for all kinds of cabinetry. But if an all-wood kitchen seems too heavy, why not celebrate its special qualities by combining it with marble, similar to the one above? 

One way to introduce character to a kitchen is to play with texture. Wood works well when layered with other natural materials, such as marble and granite kitchen countertop ideas, and can be used to provide gentle warmth when contrasted against polished steel and glass. 

New interpretations make this metamorphic rock an enduring classic when paired with natural timber. Classic marble may be centuries old, but this versatile material can feel just as relevant in a contemporary setting. Too much stone can feel cold and sterile – and marble is no exception. In this kitchen, the warmth of the wood soothes the coolness of the stone. 

Whether you prefer a classic look with lots of detailing or something more modern, such as flat-fronted doors, similar wood cabinets will provide you with the inspiration you need to create a scheme that fits your home's period, your decorating style, and the room's proportions. 

If you want to give an existing oak kitchen cabinet an update, then consider investing in painted kitchen cabinets first. Painting existing cabinets is a great way of changing the aesthetic of a kitchen without the upheaval of a full room refit – plus it will take less time, skip the disruption of renovation, and save money.

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