This sleek backsplash trend is changing celebrity kitchens – and Cameron Diaz's is the most luxurious we've seen

Slab backsplash has graced countless high-end kitchens as of late, but this sleek marble finish takes the look to the next level

Cameron Diaz
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Slab backsplashes couldn't be more trendy, with celebrity kitchens everywhere decked out with this sleek, stunning design feature. From Zendaya's simplistic stone slab to Jennifer Aniston's dark and moody kitchen look, this backsplash solution is truly making the rounds – and it's easy to see why.

Though we've seen too many renditions of slab backsplash to count, Cameron Diaz's take on the trend stands out (and is sure to stand the test of time). Taking on a luxurious, veined, black-and-white marble slab finish, the actress' kitchen space is classic yet elegant and elevated. And when paired with natural wood tones and gold accents, Cameron's kitchen backsplash is one to replicate.

'Cameron Diaz's slab backsplash is a striking feature that exemplifies the growing trend of using large, unbroken pieces of stone in kitchen design. Slab backsplashes are beloved for their sleek, seamless appearance, which creates a sense of continuity and elegance that tile backsplashes often lack,' says Nina Lichtenstein, founder and principal designer at her eponymous firm.

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Because each piece is naturally one of a kind, using marble across the kitchen is a simple way to inject character and charm into your space. The dark, dramatic veining featured in Cameron's space proves the point, giving each square inch of backsplash and counter space a distinct look.

'Marble, with its natural veins and unique patterns, exudes luxury and sophistication, instantly elevating any kitchen space. Its enduring charm ensures it remains a sought-after choice. Marble slab backsplashes not only enhance the visual appeal of a kitchen but also contribute to its functionality and overall ambiance,' says Michelle Barone, designer and owner of Madison Hudson Design.

Although slab backsplash of any kind is a smart choice – offering seamless continuity and easy cleaning – marble finishes like Cameron's are 'all the rage these days.' Timeless and charming, they're 'perfect for sprucing up your kitchen,' says Tina Priestly, refresh expert and owner of Ready, Set, Refresh.

'Marble isn't just easy on the eyes; it's tough too! Scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and a breeze to clean, it's a dream come true for busy kitchens. Plus, it works like magic in modern or minimalist kitchens, as well as in galley, U-shaped, beach or island setups. Personally, I'm a big fan because it gives off this smooth, glossy vibe that just draws you in,' adds Tina.

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A kitchen with marble slab backsplash and wooden cabinetry similar to that in Cameron's space.

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In this kitchen, pictured above, a similar pairing of bold veined marble and light wood tones creates impact yet doesn't take over the design scheme. Marble's straight-from-nature pattern can easily act as a kitchen's main focal point but still leave room for other design details – like the inviting picture light above Cameron's shelves or the space's statement range hood.

'Slab backsplashes are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical option for busy kitchens. Their ability to make a bold statement without overwhelming the space contributes to their rising popularity,' says Nina.

'What we love about using a slab of marble on a backsplash is that the vein is very apparent. It's much easier to appreciate the beauty of natural stone on a backsplash than on a counter. I think the look is trending because it's easy, there are no grout lines, and it can instantly elevate an otherwise very simple kitchen design,' adds Eugenia Triandos, principal and founder of Montreal-based Hibou Design & Co.

The material's durability also means marble slab backsplash is built to withstand all the chaos that comes with the kitchen. And thanks to the continuous surface, you're left without those tricky corners and crevices to clean: 'They create a seamless and cohesive look, eliminating grout lines for a clean and polished finish while also providing a durable and heat-resistant surface ideal for the demands of the kitchen environment,' says Michelle.

Marble is also versatile and easily adaptable to nearly any design style you can dream up. Michelle says she's paired marble backsplash with complementary tile to add 'a unique and visually appealing touch.' Meanwhile, Tina suggests playing with the marble's finish in your own home – with matte, reflective, and in-between finishes on offer (as well as a range of colors and patterns) there's an entire world of design possibilities when it comes to marble.

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Cameron's characterful kitchen backsplash makes use of marble's full potential. Giving a sophisticated, stylish look to the space, its bold pattern doesn't disappoint.

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