Cameron Diaz's countertop and backsplash champion an ageless material that's surging in popularity in 2024

This material will look just as dramatic in another century – and experts say it's changing how we decorate for the year ahead

Cameron Diaz
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Dramatic marble has long served as a way for designers to add instant luxury to a kitchen, but it's set to reach new heights in 2024. While statement marble is certainly an investment, this natural material has an unwavering power to impress through the decades – and it comes with approval from Cameron Diaz, no less. 

The actress-turned-Avaline founder's kitchen is a shrine to statement marble – primarily exhibited through her black and white veined countertop and backsplash that epitomize luxury. Cameron paired the marble with subtle wooden cabinets that offer a sense of balance while allowing the veined material to take center stage.

It's no secret that marble as striking as Cameron's has the ability to transcend fleeting trends, but experts say this feature has never looked quite so fashionable. 

William Durrant, the owner of Herringbone Kitchens, notes that 'dramatic countertops' are among 2024's most significant kitchen trends – and pairing them with softer cabinet tones (like Cameron) only celebrates this look further. 

'Think dark, moody, red-veined worktops adding intrigue and giving character to a space that can also make the countertop a piece of art,' William says. 'Splashing out on a gorgeous piece of marble to achieve this offers a whole new level of luxury. Combine this with softer and lighter tones of kitchen cabinets, and you’re on to a winner.'

Black and white veined marble is inevitably a timeless choice, but William reassures us that we can make a similar statement with subtle reds or even metallic hues. 

'The veins can be different colors, particularly deep reds, browns, and even gold, and are stunning elements to a kitchen countertop and add a lovely bit of extra detail to the design.'

The aesthetic quality of Cameron Diaz's marble backsplash and countertops is undeniable, but experts say this material has practical benefits, too. The durability of this marble means it will look just as good in years to come (which is welcome news since this look is unlikely to fall out of fashion anytime soon). 

'It’s essential to choose practical yet aesthetically pleasing materials that you’ll love for years to come,' says Jonathan Stanley, a countertop expert from Caesarstone. 'Invest in a reliable, hardwearing countertop [for example, this marble] as kitchens are a busy place and the surface, more than any other part, really takes the brunt of this.'

Kitchen Designer
William Durrant
Kitchen Designer
William Durrant

William Durrant has worked in the kitchen industry for almost a decade. After learning from powerful kitchen brands, he had a desire to manage all aspects of the design project, so he founded Herringbone Kitchens. He now owns the UK-based kitchen company, where he manages a talented creative team and creates kitchens while observing international design trends. 

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Countertops and backsplash aside, we can buy into the marble kitchen look with these picks below. 

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