Celine Dion's modern twist on the bookshelf wealth trend makes a sleek statement in her living space

Of course, Celine tapped into 2024's most talked-about design aesthetic before it was labeled a trend

Celine Dion
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There's bookshelf wealth, and then there's Celine Dion's twist on the trend – curated long before the aesthetic took over social media, naturally. The singer's bookshelf comes with a contemporary twist – in the form of mirrors – that reflect the stocked shelves back into her living space.

Bookshelf wealth, 2024's most discussed design trend, encourages us to display the books and souvenirs with classic furniture and art pieces we have collected over time. 

The aesthetic, made popular on TikTok in December 2023 by designer Kailee Blalock, celebrates curated coziness, and feels cluttered but never messy. Understandably, this look runs with a risk, but if we get it right, we make a personal design statement that (we predict) is more than a fad. So, how can we future-proof this trend? Celine Dion's living room is an inspiring starting point. 

In true Celine style, she has taken the look to new heights with a mirrored pane behind her bookshelf. This reflective surface accentuates the contents of her bookshelf, making this statement space feel larger and yet more striking. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the trend, as a whole, is exciting storage experts, including Peter Erlandsson, the director of String Furniture, who explains how to turn our bookshelf into a (personal) work of art. 

'Celebrate individual journeys and take pride in the objects we have collected throughout our lives,' Peter says. 'Whether it’s a collection of specific objects like crockery or crystalware or just sentimental bits and pieces, give your clutter a new lease of life. Every ornament, shell, fridge magnet, and dog-eared book can make up a mosaic of colorful references to your life.'

Peter Erlandsson
Peter Erlandsson

Peter Erlandsson is the co-owner and director of String Furniture – the Scandi-cool storage company hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. In 2020, String Furniture was awarded Furniture Supplier of the Year, but the basis of String's designs has shaped storage habits since 1949. In 1952, String shelves (now String Furniture) were ordered to decorate the newly built UN headquarters in New York City. 

blue painted bookshelves with mirrored backs to shelves

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To follow Celine's lead, we should pair our living room shelving in front of a large mirror that reflects our books (and other said items) around the space. Or alternatively, we can invest in modular shelving and stick a mirrored surface on the back of the unit for a similar impact. 

'Modular shelving opens up a whole range of possibilities for a design scheme so you can make as big a statement as you would like and even create a work of art out of your shelves,' Peter adds. 

'When designing our homes, we often forget the effectiveness of simply merging storage with the interior design scheme, and the flexibility of modular shelving design allows us to merge function with decoration.' 

Shop the Celine Dion-inspired look

Bookshelf wealth begins with these titles seen on Celine's bookshelf. We also love her decorative box, where style meets functionality. 

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