Chloe Fineman's living room has a balanced 'sense of cohesion' that makes this on-trend color 'timeless'

The actress uses 2023's most talked-about color in excess – but there's a designer-approved balance in all its indulgence

Chloe Fineman
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If we could characterize 2023 as a color, it would have to be pink. The hue at the heart of Barbiecore has enjoyed a fresh resurgence courtesy of Greta Gerwig's box office-breaking phenomenon – but how will this color live up to trends in years ahead? 

Despite its vibrancy, when designed correctly, pink rooms can pass as 'timeless' – but in this case, cohesion is key. This is where Chloe Fineman comes in. 

In the living room of her West Village, New York, apartment, the Saturday Night Live actress has experimented with a beautiful powder pink hue – one that isn't easy to get right. However, with the help of designer Tali Roth, Chloe found a way to ensure her pink stays on the right side of sophisticated – and will continue to impress long after Barbie leaves the movie theater. Here's what we can learn from her home.

'Incorporating the color pink into an interior design scheme can indeed create a timeless and elegant atmosphere when done thoughtfully,' says San Francisco-based designer Tineke Triggs. 

'Remember that the key to a timeless design is balance, quality, and a sense of cohesion. By carefully curating your color palette, incorporating elegant materials like marble and gold [much like Chloe Fineman], and focusing on enduring design principles, you can create an interior that remains beautiful and relevant for years to come.'

Interior Designer
Tineke Triggs
Interior Designer
Tineke Triggs

Tineke Triggs is the principal of the San Francisco-based studio Tineke Triggs Design. Her work is characterized by soulful, artistic, and imaginative interiors that have mastered both the art and science of design. She is a veteran of six San Francisco Decorator Showcases and frequents numerous international interiors publications.

As mentioned, creating a timeless pink living room is as much about choosing the right color pairings as it is about the hue itself. Rich browns, like the mohair club chairs from Pierce & Ward, and organic tones, as seen in the coffee table from Soho Home. Tineke Triggs also recommends incorporating marble elements (similar to those seen in Chloe's fireplace) and gold accents to achieve an eternally chix look.

'Marble is a luxurious and timeless material that beautifully complements powder pink. Fireplace aside, incorporate marble through tabletops, or even small decorative objects,' she says. 'The subtle veining and neutral tones of marble provide a sophisticated contrast to the softness of powder pink.'

Pink living room with fireplace and club fender

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When it comes to the pink and gold color combination, Tineke explains that the pairing is sure to 'add a touch of luxury and sophistication' to any room. 'Opt for gold hardware, frames, lighting fixtures, or decorative objects. The combination of pink and gold creates a sense of balance and elegance.'

While we have already touched on Chloe's choice of soft brown furniture, the designer adds lighter neutrals that can work similarly well in our own spaces. 

'Layering different shades of neutrals alongside the powder pink and gold can help create a well-balanced and cohesive look,' she explains. 'Incorporate varying tones of beige, ivory, and light grays to provide depth and prevent the design from feeling one-dimensional.'

We're tapping our way into the space by investing in these Chloe Fineman-inspired accessories below.

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