Courteney Cox's home champions the organic modern trend – experts love its relaxed look

Filled with natural textures and earthy colors, Courteney's Malibu home is effortlessly stylish

Courteney Cox
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The Malibu home of actress Courteney Cox is a warm and timeless space that channels the organic modern design trend.

The actress, and more recently founder of homecare brand Homecourt, is becoming known for her earthy and natural style, not only evident in her luxury home brand but also throughout the interior design of her house, and it's a design trend we love for its calming and understated nature.

Much like her dining room which features the use of natural wood, a key design feature in the organic modern trend, we're honing in on the living area and bedroom to take a closer look at the style. 

In one of the bedrooms, shown above in a video recently posted by Cox, the furniture is made from wood which promotes a rustic look, as well as a vintage-inspired rug which adds interest to the otherwise understated space. 

Interior designer Peg Hemzacek comments: 'A selection of muted floral pattern vintage area rugs are used to bring the neutral colors together and soften the space. The overall effect is a soothing and relaxing organic modernist inviting home.'

Opting for a neutral color palette, the home promotes a timeless look which designers say creates a relaxed feel: ‘When neutrals are done right, they can lead to a quiet and relaxed sophistication as seen in Courtney Cox's home. The use of linen on the window treatments, leather chair, and wool throw along with a mix of wood tones in the bedroom makes the space calm, textured, and very inviting,' interior designer Magda Rauscher explains. 

Hemzacek also agrees that the neutral colors create a balanced look in the home: 'The neutral color palette blends and complements the medium to dark wood items that vary slightly in shade of brown but all feature the same warm undertones.'

Peg hemzacek interior desginer at floor 360
Peg Hemzacek

Peg Hemazacek has a professional background in Hospitality Design and Interior Decorative Painting. She has found what she loves most about practicing interior design is the positive impact on people's everyday lives. She gravitates toward looks that are timeless, rustic, and evoke comfortable luxury. 

The use of natural wood is a key design style that appears to run throughout the home, as Hemzacek observes: 'The foundational element in this home is hardwood seen on the floors, walls, furnishings, and decor. All design decisions are made to match and build on the organic natural texture that hardwood provides.'

For Rauscher, the use of other natural materials helps to promote a serene environment: 'By bringing in elements found in nature: wood tones, natural stone, real wool, and linen upholstery along with warm neutral colors on the walls, the space that is created is one that is as serene as taking a long walk in the woods on a crisp fall day.'

Magda Rauscher
Magda Rauscher

Magda Rauscher is the owner and interior designer at My Modern Dom, an Illinois-based interior design company. Magda specializes in creating homes that are modern with simplified designs.

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