Courteney Cox uses this statement decor technique to brighten up an otherwise neutral living space

The actress's modern, minimal living room is instantly refreshed by a large indoor tree in the corner, which creates a focal point in the space

(Image credit: Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Turner)

Lovers of the great outdoors and homebodies alike can agree that bringing a touch of the natural world into the home can make a huge difference in a space's ambiance. All it takes is a house plant (or several) to instantly transform a room from lifeless to lively.

Courteney Cox is on board the house-plant-as-decor trend, having recently shared a video on Instagram of her living room. The gray, painted space is brightened up via a tall, leafy, potted plant in the corner, which adds color and texture to the otherwise neutral space.

The benefits of house plants are plenty and well-known: they can improve air quality, boost mood, and can even reduce stress. When it comes to decorating with house plants, there are a few key considerations.

'If decorating with numerous plants seems daunting, one statement plant can have just as much of an impact in a room,' Homes & Gardens' editor Jennifer Ebert states. 'A large house plant creates a focal point in a room, so placing it in the corner, as Courteney Cox has done, can balance a living room.'

Ebert recommends plants such as a banana tree or elephant's ear to give a room plenty of impact.

Another option for plant placement in a living room is the trusty shelf.

'Decorating a shelf with house plants is a tried and true way to implement some greenery into a living space,' Ebert says. 'Try varying the types of plants on the shelf – smaller plants, like succulents and ferns, provide texture and visual appeal, and look great when paired next to books or delicate display items.'

Finally, consider layering plants of different heights in a living room to create some dimension in a living space, creating a jungle-like appearance.

'In addition to shelving plants, you can also varry their positioning,' Ebert explains. 'Some plants, like trees, can be placed directly on the floor, while other smaller plants look fantastic on stands, tables, or even hung from the wall and ceiling.'

Below, find a statement plant that is bound to brighten up any living space.

Hannah Ziegler
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