Cynthia Nixon energizes her room with a statement piece that comes with surprising wellness benefits

The actress' rusty-orange sofa is both a bold statement piece and a positively energized furnishing, according to a Feng Shui expert

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Cynthia Nixon may be best known for playing the tightly-wound but fun-loving lawyer, Miranda Hobbes, in Sex and the City, but her interior decor has a much calmer ambiance – though it may not look it at first glance.

The actor recently shared a photo of her home library to her Instagram page, and though her filled-bookshelves are impressive, it is the orange sofa that is on our minds. It is playful yet refined thanks to its slightly rusted-hue, making us think that orange really is the new black.

A warm and rejuvenating color, decorating with orange is gaining popularity as part of trends such as dopamine decor, which favors mood-boosting shades. It turns out that the kitchen is a prime space for this color, though experts say it looks great in any communal area in the home.

'Orange is expressive, vivid and can elicit a sense of enthusiasm in people,' says Jason Low, the design business manager at Blackberry Farm Design. 'It also is said to help stimulate the appetite.'

Not only does orange fuel feel-good energy, but it extends to the practice of Feng Shui, which emphasizes harmony through arrangements and color.

'In Feng Shui, orange represents the Fire element and can bring big, bold energy to a space,' says Abby L Magill Henry, Feng Shui expert at Holistic Homes. 'Orange symbolizes happiness and has a very playful side. An orange front door welcomes energy and says a home is fun and ready for anything.'

While a door is certainly a bold statement for a color as bright as orange, Magill Henry says that there are lots of other methods to implement pops of this sunny shade into the home.

Living room with cozy orange sofa, artwork on wall behind, side table, round ottoman, blue square patterned rug

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'A couple simple ways to incorporate orange into a home is with flowers, adding a bouquet to any room can bring that pop of energy without making any large changes,' she says. 'A bowl of oranges on a kitchen table or island can do the same and also speak to living 'the sweet life.''

Nixon's version of placing a cozy furnishing into an otherwise neutral space makes just as much of a statement as a front door, but other options include orange rugs or even coffee table decor.

Below, find a selection of orange living room decor that is sure to boost the mood of any space, while simultaneously providing it with a sense of warmth and positive energy.

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