Dakota Johnson creates a 'design moment worthy of note' with the placement of this statement bathroom feature

'Freestanding tubs are to bathrooms what statement necklaces are to LBDs': Here's how Johnson dresses hers

Dakota Johnson
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Is there a bathroom fixture more glamorous than a freestanding tub? While attached tubs are certainly common in many homes, bold bathing vessels continue to stand out and impress as a non-traditional way to infuse elegance into sensible spaces.

It's no surprise then that Madame Web star and interior design enthusiast Dakota Johnson has included a grand, white tub in the center of her bathroom. Created by acclaimed design duo Pierce & Ward, the airy space benefits greatly from a central soaking tub, which serves as an equator between the two identical vanities.

Much like a jacuzzi or swimming pool, freestanding tubs create visual interest and garner excitement around them. Bathing is a pleasurable and relaxing activity, so highlighting the tub is a deeper way to convey that the bathroom is a serene and sophisticated space.

'Freestanding tubs are to bathrooms what statement necklaces are to LBDs (little black dresses),' Tracy Metro, creative director at Tracy Metro Designs, states. 'Sure, an LBD can be great looking all on its own; however, the minute you add on a stunning necklace, that simple dress comes to life. Freestanding tubs are similar!'

Though bathrooms are typically rooted in practicality, freestanding tubs can maintain the functionality of an attached tub whilst acting as a decorative piece that fits into a variety of design styles, from traditional to modern.

'A tub attached to a wall can purely be a functional object in which to bathe,' Metro states. 'However, a tub situated in front of a wall becomes a design moment worthy of note.'

Though Johnson's tub is flanked by a silver shower head, along with a stone and wood stand to hold any bathing accessories, Metro says that customization is key to making a freestanding tub look as chic as possible.

bathroom with freestanding tub and patterned tiles with large window

A free standing tub similar to the one in Dakota Johnson's space. 

(Image credit: R. Brad Knipstein)

'The way to make a freestanding tub incredibly special is to back it with a dynamic tile,' she suggests. 'If you really want to up the ante, make the tub colored.' We recommend introducing curated indoor plants and luxury light fixtures (as Johnson demonstrates) where possible. Similarly, the small side table offers the perfect base for bathroom essentials (soap and yet more flowers, in the actress's case). 

Tracy Metro
Tracy Metro

For most of her life, Tracy Metro has been on TV hosting cheap & cheerful home makeovers on streaming platforms/channels such as Netflix, YouTube, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), Hallmark, etc. In real life, she's been lucky enough to design lots of stunning places for some really incredible people. She has worked on homes, galleries, restaurants and even a vintage houseboat & motorhome (OK, those are her pet projects). Her designs have been showcased online, in newspapers, magazines and even as a chapter in a book.

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