Diane Keaton uses this kitchen essential to create an accent wall unlike anything we've ever seen before

The secret to an elevated wall space could be hiding on our kitchen countertops – and it may just be this year's most unexpected trend

Diane Keaton
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Designing an accent wall in any room often involves experimenting with something exciting – and, in the best cases, unexpected. Diane Keaton, however, has taken her wall one step further by giving this surprising kitchen essential an upgrade. 

The Annie Hall actress is seen in front of her unconventional accent wall, made from a collection of oversized chopping boards hanging from a rack in her space. And it's made us rethink how we use this 'kitchen essential' entirely. 

In all their practicality, it can be easy to overlook a chopping board's potential, but as Diane reminds us, this piece (or pieces, in this case) can serve as a home decor accessory and contribute to something as powerful as an accent wall.

While chopping boards are often envisioned atop our kitchen countertops or hanging from our backsplash, Diane's statement collection invites us to revisit how we store our own pieces. And we're not alone in our admiration for what we predict might be an emerging design trend

'I love using chopping boards of all shapes and sizes in my own home and in client's homes to bring warmth and character to a kitchen,' says Lorrie Williams, the president of Fluff Interior Design. The Nebraska-based designer adds that while turning our chopping boards into decor has its aesthetic benefits, it's an impactful way to save on kitchen storage, too.

'Storage space is always at a premium in a kitchen, so anytime you can display practical items that you use daily that are also beautiful, it's a win-win,' Lorrie explains. 'I also frequently hang cutting boards, pizza boards, and chopping boards under a kitchen hood where they are available for easy access when prepping for dinner and where they become the focal point of the kitchen when on display.

Interior Designer
Lorrie Williams
Interior Designer
Lorrie Williams

Lorrie Williams is the president of Fluff Interior Design, a firm based in Omaha, Nebraska. She leads a team of designers specializing in a range of services, from their 'design in a day' package to their multi-room design, which puts her company's 20 years of experience to the test. 

Space-saving tactics aside, however, Lorrie explains how a chopping board's design qualities have long been overlooked. But displays like Diane's remind us just how visually interesting these pieces can be. 

We love how the actress has combined her wooden pieces to make a statement against her white-painted wall and industrial-style rack – but these wooden hues work just as beautifully on our kitchen walls. 

'Mixing wood tones, marble, and blended materials also creates a depth of interest to your displays,' Lorrie adds. We can create our own twist on this accent wall with this set of three large chopping boards, available via Etsy below.

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