Diane Keaton's front door color has the same calming qualities as 'fresh linen on a bed' – and it will elevate curb appeal

The versatile hue 'gives the impression of a fresh, clean, and welcoming appearance', and it's more than just aesthetic

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Diane Keaton has proven, once again, that nobody does monochromatic decorating like she does in her Los Angeles abode. The rustic farmhouse plays with stark juxtapositions through its black and white colored rooms (including the kitchen of our dreams) – but naturally, the palette begins outside.

In true-to-herself style, the Annie Hall actress painted her front door a bright white hue that foreshadows the color palette behind the exterior walls. When it comes to front door colors, white is an eternal classic. However, curb appeal qualities aside; experts say it has psychological benefits that will create the first impression we should all want from our homes.

'Firstly, there is a strong psychological connection behind the color white, which gives the impression of a fresh, clean, and welcoming appearance. Ideal if you're looking to sell. It's a similar effect to the association we have seeing fresh linen on a bed,' comments exterior design expert Kristian Goodenough. 'White is an immensely popular choice for homeowners and versatile enough to accommodate almost any architectural style.'

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White front doors, like Keaton's, are the simplest way to incorporate this soothing hue into our exterior. However, we don't need to stop with this feature. Stacy Becker, the president and design director for White Label Interiors, encourages us to take this color's power one step further by painting our home's entire exterior.

'One of the main benefits we discuss with our clients regarding white-painted homes is the emphasis on the landscape and beauty of the natural surroundings,' she says.

'We liken the approach to a gallery – where the walls are all white to highlight the art. When a client has a lovely garden or canopy of trees surrounding the home and property, a white house really does let Mother Nature sing her best song. In addition – the house itself has a strong profile to accentuate the architectural lines and looks perpetually classic.'

And Becker isn't alone in her encouragement of using this color in ways beyond our door. While it's the perfect starting point, Goodenough adds that a white painted exterior can make our property appear 'both brighter and larger' – something that's particularly significant if it's north-facing and is situated in a shady spot.

'On the other hand, if the property was in a particularly sunny position, white exterior walls can reflect up to 35 percent more heat, keeping it cooler and more comfortable to live in.'

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Backdrop's purest, cleanest white is an almost perfect color match to Diane Keaton's. We love this formula because it applies easily and washes seamlessly – meaning it will impress for longer.

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