Dolly Parton's peaceful sunroom furniture color is the perfect choice for a calming indoor-outdoor space

Experts explain how to pair these shades with the surrounding natural world – for a surprisingly zen effect inspired by the country legend

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Dolly Parton's sunroom furniture is a beautiful celebration of gray and white hues. This color scheme creates an effect that is at once homey and in touch with the natural world, and we can't get enough of the look.

The country singer's sunroom includes two wooden chairs finished with gray stain covered in gray and white cushions. On the back of each chair, a casually folded gray and white throw blanket brings a sense of warmth and texture. Her glazed pottery side table integrates a shiny and smooth contrast. Even more visually appealing, the indoor-outdoor effect of Parton's space is enhanced by a potted fiddle leaf fig and fern.

It's not just Dolly: decorating with gray and white is one of the most celebrated color combinations for an indoor-outdoor space. 'White and gray furniture are perfect for a sunroom as they provide a calming and timeless backdrop, enhance natural light, and beautifully complement the vibrant green scenery outside,' says Marc Welch, LA-based architect and CEO of Welch Design Studio.

First, the color combination works in every space from a small sunroom to a massive greenhouse because of its naturally calming and relaxing properties. Nitya Seth, Head of Design at NITYANMYA Studio states: 'Sunroom furniture should be white or gray because it creates a calm environment. Neutrals like these are used in sunrooms because they help to bring the outside indoors.'

The second reason experts love Parton's color combination is because it increases natural light. 'White furniture makes sunrooms appear open and breezy while adding brightness. On the other hand, gray offers a subtle contrast that helps to anchor the room without overpowering its appearance,' says Seth. She continues, 'They create a neutral backcloth that allows natural light to become a star, together they form light balance and elegant support of minimalism.

sunroom living room with a blue sofa and large windowsTraditional sunroom with upholstered furniture and view of the sea

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Furthermore, Parton's three-season room colors pair perfectly with the green of the outdoors. Seth tells Homes & Gardens: 'Gray has cool undertones that complement fresh and lively green colors resulting in a calm, cohesive setting. What makes white and grey furnishings interesting is their ability to blend with the backdrop of greenery. The result is a smooth transition from interior to exterior.'

Shop H&G's Gray Sunroom Edit

To recreate Dolly Parton's beautiful look, we recommend starting with a white wicker chair to bring in natural materials in a sophisticated way. This one from Serena & Lily is especially elegant. Then, our editors love to decorate with gray soft furnishings, like decorative pillows and a rug, to emphasize the beauty of the white chair. These picks from Amazon and Ruggable are washable and waterproof, allowing them to transition seamlessly from the sunroom to the patio and withstand natural wear and tear.

Bringing white and gray into your sunroom doesn't need a full remodel; often, it's about adding the right outdoor furniture and accessories. Parton's colors create a calming energy, but you can also employ color differently for a varied effect. For instance, incorporating blue and white can create a gorgeous, coastal look, while a mix of white and black is perfect for a bold, contemporary look. Regardless, it's easy to use a mixture of throw pillows and furniture to change the look in a way that can easily be swapped out from season to season.

Dolly Parton's space is a beautiful, timeless, and relaxing example of just one way to decorate a sunroom.

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