Drake's kitchen island is one of the biggest we've ever seen – designers predict this will trend in 2024

New oversized interpretations and statement materials keep the island an enduring classic in the kitchen

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Layered with texture, loaded with details and looking great – the latest kitchen island ideas are designed to impress in every way. The overall dimensions of any island unit should be influenced by the size and proposed layout of your kitchen. However, some islands are made to stand out, and that is exactly what Canadian architectural and interior designer Ferris Rafauli has achieved in musician Drake's home. 

Dubbed The Embassy, the house takes its cues from traditional Beaux-Arts architecture, but with an intrinsically modern and glamorous spirit that is perfectly embodied by the oversized island. 

In conversation with Architectural Digest, Rafauli describes the interiors as 'modern Art Deco,' referencing a classic style that has been rejuvenated to accommodate his high-profile client's desire for high luxury. That message is delivered through the size of the island and the materials used to craft this extraordinary design. 

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Generously sized kitchens call for an island with generous proportions to ensure it doesn’t appear lost in the space. We've noticed more designers and consumers opting for larger, more eye-catching islands than ever before. 

The island has become much more than just a kitchen feature; it is often the heart of a kitchen; a place to gather, eat and socialize. The best islands have a working side and a social side. The latter could be a simple breakfast bar or a more substantial drop-down dining table/banquette arrangement. 

‘The table format can prove more comfortable if you intend to eat most meals at the island and supports a change in worktop materials for extra design interest,’ says Richard Moore, design director, Martin Moore

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When crafting a kitchen island, especially one as central to the scheme as Drake's design, it is vital to focus on sourcing the best materials. 

'Due to their central position and the fact that they can be seen from all sides, island units are ideal for exploring interesting materials and finishes,' agrees Jane Powell, designer at Roundhouse.

Marble is an exceptional choice for a luxury kitchen, and it is this material that plays a central role in the kitchen of Drake's home. This Statuario Paonazzo on the island and kitchen backsplash is a beautiful white marble from Italy, that features delicate gray veining and small flecks of deep gold. An opulent touch that suits this space well.

Choosing the best marble kitchen ideas takes time and patience says interior designer Sarah Southwell: ‘I choose the marble before anything else in the room and then the scheme evolves from there. I then pick out colors and textures to create a scheme that complements the marble.

Marble is more versatile than many people realize, believe Angus and Charlotte Buchanan of Buchanan Studio. ‘We love to use it to elevate details and touchpoints around the home too.

‘If you’re worried about overdoing it, restrict your statement material to the main focal point of your island – the elevation that will be on show from the dining table and/or as you enter the kitchen – then match the rest of the island materials to those used on the main cabinetry,’ advises Leila Touwen, co-founder, Pluck.

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