Emily Ratajkowski's living room furniture evokes a 'sense of tranquility and peace' – all because of this hue

From a velvet couch to a marble coffee table, green is as serene and versatile as it is bold

Emily Ratajkowski
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Actor, model, and all-around stylish socialite Emily Ratajkowski recently posted a photo in her living room, and between the beautiful artwork and natural stone side table, we are taking design notes. The highlight of the space, however, is the trending color that doesn't seem to be dying out anytime soon: green.

EmRata's soft, sage sofa and dark, marbled coffee table are just the right amount of color, subdued enough to match with neutrals yet vibrant enough to draw visual interest to the everyday items.

There's solid evidence that decorating with green is a mood-booster, mostly because of its abundance in the outside world.

'Green, particularly in its softer, more muted shades, evokes a sense of tranquility and peace,' says Matthew O’Grady, director of Thomas Matthew Kitchens & Furniture. 'It's a color linked to nature, promoting feelings of refreshment, relaxation, and equilibrium. It is often used in spaces where people want to unwind and refresh, as it provides a grounding sensibility.'

Matthew O'Grady
Matthew O’Grady

Matthew O’Grady is an entrepreneur and the Director of Thomas Matthew Kitchens & Furniture, bringing over 6 years of experience in home improvement and remodeling projects. With a background in carpentry and joinery, he specializes in crafting bespoke projects tailored to clients' needs. Matthew's journey began with a traditional cabinet-making apprenticeship, where he honed his skills and absorbed knowledge about the industry. He furthered his expertise by training as a fitter for high-end kitchen companies, gaining hands-on experience in both workshop manufacturing and on-site installation. Committed to his vision, Matthew continues to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional craftsmanship to his clients.

Green can act as a hero color within many trends, but it's a nature-inspired one that holds court for the cool tone.

'More people are inclined towards creating spaces that feel soothing and calm, reconnecting with nature - a trend known as 'Biophilic Design,' explains O'Grady. 'Within this trend, different shades of green are greatly favored. From evergreen to olive, sage to pistachio, the use of green in decor can range from walls to furniture and accessories.'

Light living room with large windows, white walls and green velvet couch

A dark green velvet sofa used in a room like Emily Ratajkowski's.

(Image credit: Kerri Torrey)

While green can act as a neutral, O'Grady recommends mixing darker hues with metallics for a luxe look.

'Notably, we're seeing a trend for darker, more dramatic greens in other rooms of the home, such as emerald green or even forest green,' he says. 'These colors can add depth and a touch of luxury to a space when paired with gold or brass accents.'

Texture is also a great way to incorporate more dimensions into a space, whether it's rough granite, smooth marble (like EmRata's coffee table), or a velvet sofa.

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Below, we have selected a few versatile, green pieces suitable for any living room.

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