Experts say this natural material seen in Eva Longoria's home enhances wellbeing and looks timeless

Not only does this material look timeless, but experts say it can improve wellbeing

Eva Longoria
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Incorporating elements of natural wood into the home is popular for many reasons: not only does it promote a weighty and timeless look, but it is also well regarded for its organic appeal that helps bring a feeling of nature indoors.

This is the case in the dining room entry of actress and director Eva Longoria, which shows a solid, natural wood forming the partition and entrance between that dining room and the rest of the home. The oversized proportions certainly make a statement, yet it remains incredibly timeless thanks to its sleek lines and natural color that nod to minimalist design. 

'Eva Longoria’s dining room beautifully captures the essence of modern design with its repeated use of the same material – a testament to the timeless appeal of minimalist aesthetics,' says interior designer and founder of Kaiko Design Interiors Nicholas Kaiko. 

'By using solid wood, the design pays tribute to nature, bringing an organic touch to the space that contrasts elegantly with the sleek, contemporary surroundings. The clean lines of the timber threshold effortlessly draw the eye, creating a seamless transition from the outer area to the dining room providing a sense of warmth and coziness. This clever architectural element adds depth and character to the room.'

Nicholas Kaiko
Nicholas Kaiko

Nicholas Kaiko, founder of Kaiko Design Interiors, is a highly sought-after interior designer based in Sydney, Australia. With over a decade of experience in the interior design industry, Nic has honed his skills as an interior architect and decorator, working on luxury hotels and high-end residential projects both locally and internationally.

According to Lisa Cooper, Head of Product at Thomas Sanderson, the wood creates a warm and comforting feel in the home thanks to its links to nature: 'I love the abundance of natural elements like the use of wood throughout the home. There is an intrinsic warmth about wood that makes it a comforting addition to any space as it mimics the effects of spending time outside in nature.'

Lisa Cooper

Thomas Sanderson designs premium blinds and shutters for the home, offering bespoke solutions for a wide range of building types.

Perhaps an even more appealing reason to consider bringing natural wood into the home, however, is its wellbeing-boosting qualities, as Cooper suggests: 'Studies identify that the presence of wood indoors is associated with an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.'

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