Eva Longoria's simple living room color scheme offers a beautiful 70s-inspired twist on the organic luxe trend

The actress's rustic modern space is not like the others – she integrates warm, enchanting colors to take a simple base to the next level

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Hybrid styles like the organic luxe look have grown increasingly popular since the beginning of 2024. Looks that combine two or more interior design themes are appealing because they defy the accelerated trend cycle necessitating every look fit into a niche; these looks allow design just to be. Eva Longoria's home takes combining styles one step further by transposing a 70s color palette onto an organic luxe space.

The space is something to behold. It begins with a base of cool, unpainted wood floors and white walls. Her designer, Nicholas Kaiko, incorporated texture with a variety of mid-century modern furniture, including a white shag chair and a circular concrete table. Beneath the teardrop-shaped base, a 70s-style rug in red, navy, cream, and yellow brings warmth to the color scheme. Longoria's turquoise and yellow print on the wall emphasizes these shades, while a small bronze statue in the corner adds a metallic contrast.

Longoria's combination of living room colors works like a charm. Jennifer Ebert, interior design expert and digital editor at Homes & Gardens states: 'The red, blue and yellow color palette that Eva Longoria's interior designer has chosen is very 70s inspired incorporating the warm, maximalist sensibilities of this era.'

She continues, 'This maximalist style perfectly complements the organic luxe in Longoria's space. While this style is very elegant, without the proper accessories, it can end up looking a bit cold and unpolished. The warmth and texture of her mix-century furniture's colors bring completion and coziness to the room.'

Finally, the look has high potential to become an interior design trend. Ebert says, 'Strict adherence to a single design style is falling out of style in favor of artfully combining styles. The mix of organic luxe with 70s colors in this space is one of the most stylish I've seen and could definitely grow much more popular.'

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In case you want to recreate the look of Eva Longoria's home, we tracked down a similar concrete table, circular rug, and mid-century shag chair to those showcased in her living room. The organic luxe architecture is optional.

Eva Longoria's space embodies the benefits of combining different design styles to create one cohesive look. Rather than looking scattered, bringing these themes together creates a polished but complex and visually appealing result. 2025 is the year to think outside of the box and combine traditional and modern looks.

Sophie Edwards
News Editor

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