Gigi Hadid's closet is a masterclass in design-led storage – professional organizers say it's 'beautiful and functional'

The model prioritizes stunning design alongside practicality in her walk-in closet – this is how to emulate the look

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Gigi Hadid's closet may be full of stunning designer clothes, but her organizational tactics are just as impressive.

The model's closet storage, revealed in a Vogue Beauty Secrets Video, successfully incorporates professionals' favorite techniques including use of vertical storage, open concept shelving, and space for accessories. In addition to the ingenious functionality, it's striking just how beautifully designed the space is. Hadid's closet is color-drenched in white and features purses as decor. The corner becomes a beautiful vanity space where Hadid can easily do her hair.

'Gigi Hadid’s walk-in closet is both functional and beautiful,' says Julianna Melamed, professional organizing expert at Full Service Living. She continues, 'Her open display of bags adds a pop of color and a “wow” factor to her closet. The closed cabinetry above her purses serves as functional storage. She can have anything from extra bedding to seasonal clothing in those high cabinets- that is the beauty of using vertical space! Having a vanity right in the closet is super convenient for getting ready. Gigi’s closet is truly a girl's dream!'

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Julianna Melamed

Julianna Melamed is the founder of the home concierge company Full Service Living, located in New York City, which specializes in home organization, move management, and home project management.

'Gigi Hadid has transformed her closet into a highly functional yet visually stunning boutique-style space, ideal for her extensive bag collection and daily preparation needs,' adds Melanie Summers, professional organizer at I Speak Organized of the aesthetically organized closet.

melanie summers
Melanie Summers

Melanie is a professional organizer and decluttering expert based in Vancouver, WA. She is a member of the American Society of Professional Organizers.

Luckily, although Hadid's closet has celebrity-level organization, it's easy to replicate on a smaller scale. Summers explains each element that makes Gigi's mini dressing room so stylish. 'By maximizing vertical storage with overhead cabinets, she effectively manages to keep less frequently used items dust-free and out of sight, maintaining clean lines and an uncluttered aesthetic.'

She continues, 'The adjustable shelving dedicated to her purses allows for a customized display that accommodates bags of all sizes, showcasing her collection while ensuring each piece is easily accessible. This organization is complemented by strategic lighting, enhancing the functionality of the space; it ensures that colors and textures can be accurately matched, streamlining her getting-ready process.'

'Additionally, the inclusion of a well-lit vanity within the closet not only adds to the visual appeal but also increases the practical use of the space, making it a perfect setup for both storage and preparation,' adds Summers.

Shop the Organization Edit

No matter the size of your closet or the amount of built-in storage it has, you can create your own organizational systems using closet organizers like a shoe rack, storage bins, and baskets. These are a great start to build up to Gigi Hadid-level organization.

Organization techniques don't have to be a mystery, and looking to the way that stars keep their storage in check is a great way to get inspiration. Gigi Hadid's closet is just one excellent example.

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