Gisele Bündchen's dining room is a stunning homage to mid-century modern design 'with a twist'

The space celebrates mid-century modern design with wood and glass – designers explain what makes this look so special

Gisele Bündchen on a neautral background at the met gala
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Mid-century modern design is a classic. It's timeless, elegant, and looks stylish in almost every space. Somehow, Gisele Bündchen makes the look even more iconic.

The supermodel took to TikTok to share a dancing video, and we couldn't help but notice the stunning dining space in the backdrop. Gisele's dining room brings in abundant natural light over a curved, mid-century dining table and chairs. Above the table, a blown glass chandelier adds some organic shape. Interior designers are obsessed with how she's livened up this modern dining room look.


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'Gisele's dining room is a beautiful homage to mid-century modern design with a twist,' says interior designer Karen Loc, founder of Lore Design. The contemporary windows, doors, and vases add an edge to the space, while the biophilic, wooden elements help to ground it.

karen loc of lore design inc.
Karen Loc

Karen Loc is the interior designer and founder of Lore Design Inc. where she shows nervous renovators that designing a home can be fun and painless. She brings a fresh perspective to classic design that is tailored for modern living. Karen is located in New York City and has worked for world renowned designers and brands like Adam Tihany, Rafael Vinoly, and Morgan Stanley.

The look is always an interior design trend, and Gisele Bündchen has caught on. Melissa Read, interior designer at Studio Burntwood says, 'The mid-century modern look emphasizes simplicity and functionality, with clean lines, organic shapes, and a focus on the use of natural materials.'

melissa read of burntwood studio
Melissa Read

Melissa Read attended the KLC School of Design in Chelsea before working at London's best-regarded interior design studios. Now Creative Director of Studio Burntwood, an interior design studio that specializes in luxury residential interior design for private clients and property developers.

The natural motifs of this style are evident throughout Gisele's space. First of all, her cozy dining room is full of wood. Melissa states: 'Oak and teak wood are commonly used in furniture pieces, often designed with a sculptural quality that adds visual interest to the space.' Karen adds: 'Walnut wood is a signature material across this era, and Gisele showcases it on her dining table and chairs.'

The glass dining room lighting in Gisele's space is another essential, mid-century modern yet contemporary element of the space. Melissa says, 'Sculptural lighting is an essential component of this design, as it helps to define the different zones of the space.' 

Karen continues that the lighting also adds drama to the space. She states: 'The clear glass chandelier floating above branches out in different directions and accentuates the height of the room while still appearing light and airy.'

dining room with black round table and white chairs

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The entire stunning effect is created by an effective mix of textures in the design. Melissa states: 'The mix of materials such as glass, metal, and wood is commonly used in mid-century modern design, adding to the visual interest and texture of the space. The combination of these materials creates a balanced and harmonious aesthetic that is both timeless and modern.'

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The essential elements of mid-century modern design turn Gisele's space into a classic, ultra-stylish oasis in her home.

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