Spring has sprung in Gwen Stefani's yard as the singer shows off her vibrant home-grown blooms

One beautiful flower has taken over Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's Oklahoma estate this spring – and they may have just written a song about it

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As any keen gardener will know, a lot of effort goes into creating and maintaining a beautiful yard and garden – but this hard work is always rewarded with fantastic results, and now, as we welcome the changing of the seasons, it's time to fully appreciate the bountiful blooms of spring. 

In a recent post on her Instagram, Gwen Stefani shared a heartwarming video that shows stunning fields of purple irises growing on the land at her Oklahoma home. The video captures the growth story of these vibrant spring flowering plants, and references a recent song that she and her husband, Blake Shelton, have just released – aptly named, 'Purple Irises'.

She says in the video, 'when you plant seeds of love and hope, and do that with your loved ones, you can get through any season while celebrating all forms of growth, and before you know it, you're picking purple irises'.

We not only love the sentiment behind Gwen's video, we also think that irises are great flowers to consider for your spring garden ideas

'Irises are some of the best spring flowers, blooming in a rainbow of colors from early spring through until summer. Gwen Stefani's irises are a striking shade of purple-blue, which contrasts beautifully against the green backdrop' says H&G's gardening expert, Thomas Rutter.

He continues, 'Irises come in both bulb and rhizome form, in a range of shapes and sizes. Some of my favorites are the larger, bearded iris varietiesIris germanica, with sword-like foliage and large, over-the-top blooms. 

As Gwen's video shows, some species of iris can grow well in rocky, well-draining soil, preferring a sunny spot in the garden border. Planting is best done in the fall for spring flowering bulbs. With irises, much like any bulb, it is recommended to plant in large numbers for impact, just as Gwen has done.'

Thomas Rutter
Thomas Rutter

Thomas is a Content Editor within the Gardens Team at Homes & Gardens. He has worked as a professional gardener in gardens across the UK and in Italy, specializing in productive gardening and growing food and flowers. Trained in Horticulture at the Garden Museum, London, he has written on gardening and garden history for various publications.

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Irises also make for a wonderful cut flower in a vase (we explore how best to plan a cut flower garden in our dedicated feature), with their vivid color and unusual shape making them one of the most interesting blooms to have on display in the home.

Enriching your interior space with seasonal flowers such as irises can be one of the easiest ways to transition your decor from winter to spring, with Gwen proudly displaying her cut irises in a vase on her dark wooden dining table.

There is something so magical and rewarding about watching your yard and garden change throughout the seasons, and flowers can enrich both the inside and outside of your home with a truly joyful appeal. 

If you're feeling inspired after seeing Gwen's colorful purple irises, we explore how to grow irises in our dedicated feature.

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