7 simple ways to transition your decor from winter to spring

These easy decor swaps will give your home an inviting seasonal refresh

Simple ways to transition your decor from winter to spring
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As the seasons change, there are a few simple ways to transition your decor from winter to spring. Spring signals warmer weather, brighter days, and blooms in vibrant colors, and inviting these elements into your home is a fitting way to welcome the season.

Updating your space doesn't need to be a big project. There are so many spring decor ideas that require small, simple swaps that feel more fitting for the warmer months. From introducing muted tones and floral motifs to making subtle changes to allow more daylight to filter into your home, there's plenty to inspire.

So whether you're looking for a quick solution to banish the winter blues and welcome the joyful interiors of spring, or are in need of some fresh new pieces that will add lightness and personality to your home, experiment with these simple ways to transition your decor from winter to spring, suggested by interior designers.

7 simple ways to transition your decor from winter to spring  

Spring is all about inviting brighter hues and pretty patterns into your schemes, and these chic styling ideas can transform your home from a cozy winter hideaway to a light, welcoming space.

1. Swap heavy fabrics for lighter linens

oka living room with large artwork and lighting

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During the winter, many of us enhance our homes with thicker fabrics such as velvet and wool, perfect for creating a cozy and warm space. But as spring arrives and the weather gets warmer, it's time to swap them out for lighter alternatives.

'The transition from winter to spring always feels like a big one (at least for those of us in the Northeast!). Switching your home decor from fur blankets to lighter throws and velvet pillows to linen covers are small but sure ways to make an impact,' says Barrett Oswald, partner and principal designer at Barrett Oswald Designs

2. Remove heavy window treatments

Spring living room dressed with sheer curtains

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Winter interiors revolve around creating a cozy space, keeping in warmth, and embracing a moodier color palette. But spring is the complete opposite – with so much focus on outside (think seasonal plants and increased daylight), decor should maximize the amount of natural light that streams into our homes.

'For curtain ideas in spring, we tend to swap out any heavy curtains and drapes for lightweight, airy fabrics like sheer curtains or linen blinds. These fabrics allow natural light to filter in, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere that embraces the season,' explains Guillaume Coutheillas, founder and creative director of frenchCALIFORNIA

'You can hang sheer drapes in various solid colors with subtle floral or geometric designs, stripes, or pom-poms on the edges for a fun visual appeal. If you have sheer drapes in your bedroom and need more privacy, combine sheer drapes with roman shades. That way, you can create privacy at night and openness during the day,' adds Alice Chiu, principal at Miss Alice Designs.

3. Change your bedding for spring

neutral spring bedroom with blue floral blind and rattan furniture decor accents

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Similarly to your throw pillows and blankets, the transition from winter to spring effects the style of bedding you use. 'Winter is about thick blankets and fleece throws to keep your bed ideas feeling warm and cozy,' says Alice.

'With the transition from winter to spring, changing out your bed sheets with a lighter and softer material such as Egyptian or Pima cotton in solid pastels, waffle weave, geometric, or floral patterns gives your bedroom an airy, fun, and fresh mood, which is what the bedroom should be all about in the spring,' she adds. 

There are plenty of ways to introduce a playful element to your spring bedding. If florals aren't right for your style, add a nod to spring with the details on your bedding. 'Bring in texture with fringe, faux fur, or ruffles to add depth and dimension,' Alice suggests.

We explore how to choose the best bed sheets in our dedicated feature.

4. Swap out dark artwork for brighter pieces

Living room with spring artwork displayed on the fireplace

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If art is a key piece of your wall decor ideas, you might consider swapping some of the more dominant pieces as spring arrives. When decorating with art, many pieces, particularly landscapes and florals, can lean more towards a particular season, so if any feel more wintery, swap them out for something brighter.

'Swapping artwork is a great way to give your home decor a spring update. Hang artwork in different mediums from oil paintings to photography, watercolor, or mixed media. Select pieces with pastel hues or bright shades to add pops of color, texture, and visual interest to your home,' suggest Alice. For more seasonal color inspiration, we explore the best spring color ideas in our separate feature.

A spring living room is a great space for introducing statement art for the season. 'Artwork is perfect for incorporating spring colors. You don't even need to hang the artwork. I like to place artwork leaning against the wall above the fireplace mantel, on a floating shelf, or the floor in a hallway,' she adds.

5. Introduce spring flowers and plants

Spring dining room with a spring plant as a centrepiece

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As springtime is so heavily associated with nature and the flowers that grow during the season, introducing displays with plants and florals is a must. While during the winter you might opt for anemones and violets, spring embraces beautiful blooms such as tulips and daffodils.

'For springtime, we like to accentuate a space with fresh flowers and potted plants around the room, bringing the outdoors in. Choose seasonal blooms like tulips, daffodils or hyacinths for a burst of color and fragrance,' says Guillaume. 

Consider introducing a mixture of cut flowers and hardy indoor plants to your space. 'Bring spring indoors by adding a fresh bouquet of mixed flowers or opting for unique flowers like proteas on your coffee table, aloe plants on your fireplace mantel, or orchids by your bedside table,' suggests Alice. 

'It not only adds a splash of color to your home, but flowers fill your space with a lovely fragrance, which will make a home smell good for spring and bring a smile to your face with the changing of the season. Flowers and plants are calming and soothing to the soul and create a sense of serenity in any space,' she adds. 

6. Ground a room with a spring rug

Dining room decorated with a rug featuring spring colors under the dining table

(Image credit: Miss Alice Designs/Liz Daly)

Perhaps not a decor item we think of swapping out through the seasons, but a rug can really change the feel of any room. During the winter, you might prefer a thick, cozy rug, but in the spring, something lighter with pastel hues might feel more fitting.

'A rug will instantly illuminate your space for spring, providing a lighter and brighter mood. Change out your existing rug with fun patterns, from floral to geometric or abstract in pastel colors such as blue, yellow, peach, or pink, for a fresh look and feel,' says Alice. 

'I like to add a vintage style runner in a kitchen or a smaller modern Persian rug by the bed, keeping the base of the rug neutral with subtle pops of color so it doesn't overpower the overall design of the room,' she adds.

7. Revive your outdoor spaces

Patio decorated for spring

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The winter months are often too cold to spend long periods of time relaxing outdoors, so the return of spring signals the first opportunity to enjoy outside spaces. As such, adding spring decor to an outdoor living or dining area will make them feel much more inviting.

'We also love to tackle outdoor living spaces in the spring by refreshing candle lanterns and adding potted plants to seating areas,' says Barrett. Whether you add a vase filled with cut spring flowers or add a planter with seasonal plants, introducing movable accessories allows you to keep your space feeling refreshed throughout the spring months.

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