Easter decorating ideas – 15 stylish ways to decorate with flowers, fabrics, and vintage finds this spring

Get ready to welcome spring and celebrate the holiday with these picture-perfect Easter decorating ideas – from simple floral arrangements to elaborate bunny-themed displays

easter decorating ideas
(Image credit: Tori Murphy / Alexandra Kaehler / Photography Aimée Mazzenga / Blackberry Farm)

Easter decorations are so much more than simply hanging a wreath on your door and setting out baskets of eggs. And while those are both perfectly acceptable decor ideas, Easter styling is the perfect way to set the tone for your spring decor ideas, and as the temperature finally starts to rise and our gardens begin to bloom, so too, can our homes. 

When it comes to Easter decorating ideas, there is no wrong approach. You can celebrate the holiday through florals (think scented bulbs and fresh blooms), bountiful bakes, and uplifting crafts. And color! Pastels scream spring... albeit not loudly. 

Whether you're a first-time crafter or a dab hand at egg painting, have a crack at creating some of your own Easter decorations such as Easter wreaths, bunny-friendly tablescapes, and plenty of seasonal treats. Our favorite, joyful Easter decorating ideas will be sure to bring the new season to life in your home.

15 Designer-Approved Easter Decor Ideas

stripe napkins wrapped around eggs like bunny ears for an easter tablescape

(Image credit: Tori Murphy)

From chic Easter table decoration ideas to fun Easter craft ideas to enjoy with the kids, with Easter decorating ideas, the pressure is off. Whether you embrace simple flower arrangements that can be foraged from your backyard or choose to create elaborate bunny napkins, these ideas are ever so simple, and require minimal effort, craft know-how, and materials for instant impact.

'I like to approach Easter decorating as a real celebration of spring,' says interior designer Kathy Kuo. 'There's no need to go overboard with eggs and bunnies everywhere to set a festive tone. Start with vases of fresh flowers and swap your throw pillows for "springy" ones in lighter colors and breezier materials,' she advises. 

With a long weekend ahead of many of us, the Easter holiday is the perfect time to get crafty. Easter decorations can be used all around your home: as Easter table decorations, for party favors, mantel decor, and even hung on doors.

'The beauty of these ideas is that they take humble materials, such as hen eggs and flowers picked from the garden, and turn them into glorious decorative pieces,' says creator and stylist Sara Bird. 'They are objects you could make mindfully alone, or craft together with family and friends. And if you want, they'll last much longer than the Easter weekend to bring joyful style to your home.' 

1. Start by filling your home with seasonal, freshly cut blooms

spring florals on an antique dresser for easter spring decor

(Image credit: Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler)

For a fresh and natural approach to Easter decor ideas, turn to loose arrangements of flowers. For a run of florals, nip outside to forage (or head to a store) for blooms and foliage like daffodils, narcissi, grass, and fern stems and place them in vases, bottles, and jars of different shapes and sizes. Position them along the length of the table for Sunday lunch, or simply disperse them throughout your home for a welcome burst of scent and color at every turn.  

'Always try and bring a little of the outside in,' says textile designer Tori Murphy. 'It can be so simple, a fresh sprig of rosemary tied around a napkin or a cut garden flower in a jam jar. They breathe life into a table setting and always add a beautiful sense of occasion.'

There are no rules to creating your own arrangement, but balance the width and height and just stand back occasionally to make sure the heights are different and the bunch doesn't feel too overly "done".

2. Set the table with plenty of pastels and print

pastel pink tablescape setting with rattan place setting

(Image credit: Plaster & Patina)

If there’s one occasion that really allows you to lean into the fun and theatre of tablescaping, it’s Easter weekend. Start with a color palette that nods to the season with plenty of pastels and, of course, fresh flowers. 

'We preach the same principle when designing for a holiday that we do when we design an entire home: it's all in the details, textures, and layers!' says interior designer Alexandra Azat, founder of Plaster & Patina. 'When it comes to Easter, we love a light, bright and happy theme. Here, [above] we used citrus and Wheaton stripes to make the table feel welcoming and special. We kept the table approachable yet formal with vintage china and stemware paired with rattan details,' she describes.

Kathy Kuo agrees, adding: 'If you're planning on hosting an Easter brunch, I find that hinted glassware in pastel colors is a really chic touch that also feels decidedly springy.'

3. Get creative with bunny napkins for each place setting

napkin folded around an egg to resemble the easter bunny on a vintage plate for easter table

(Image credit: Alexandra Kaehler Design / Photography Aimée Mazzenga)

The best Easter tables aren't afraid to be a little kitschy and nostalgic, reminiscent of the days when you might find a chocolate egg in place of your golden yolk.

'I love to lean into the soft, pastel colors of spring for Easter,' says designer Alexandra Kaehler who created the whimsical place setting above. 'Using an egg and napkin to make bunny ears is a fun nod to the holiday without it feeling too juvenile,' she suggests.

To make your napkin bunnies, simply lay the napkin flat and starting at one corner, tightly roll up the napkin corner-to-corner. Fold the roll in half, bringing the two ends to meet each other. Tie the roll with twine or ribbon part way up the folded end, leaving a slight gap in the middle for an egg (real or chocolate). Place your egg in the hole in the center of the napkin, slightly folding the ends out to form bunny ears.

4. Switch out your wall decor for pretty painted plates

Easter decorating with plates on wall

(Image credit: Future / Carolyn Barber)

Another Easter craft idea that the entire family can get involved in is decorating hanging plates. Particularly great if you're looking for things to hang on a wall that aren't prints, a plate wall is the wall decor idea du jour in 2024. 

For a fun family activity, try thrifting some vintage plates or looking for some budget-friendly new ones (that you're happy to sacrifice to the kids) and some ceramic paint. Get creative with Easter-inspired designs like eggs, chicks, bunnies, spring flowers, and carrots. Stick to a color palette that suits your space for an elegant display with a subtle nod to the Easter theme.

5. Use vintage finds to set the table

spring table with easter themed napkins and vintage crockery

(Image credit: Alexandra Kaehler Design / Photography Aimée Mazzenga)

Easter decorating ideas can be as bold or as subtle as you like – not everything has to be bunny-themed. Look to dial up the chintz with plenty of vintage pieces like plates, chargers, teapots, and glassware to bring charm to your table without overdoing it.

Keep to a tight color palette to avoid things feeling too mish-mash, we want to achieve an eclectic mix here rather than jarring. For just a touch of nostalgia, try using delicate teacups and pots as vessels for small flower arrangements, and extra points if you can source some vintage cabbage plates.

Of course, another way to decorate with vintage for Easter is with table linens. 'I have a lot of vintage plaids and florals that I’ll be using this Easter, but feel free to bring out of the pastels and layer them as much as possible,' suggests designer Emily Henderson. 'Pastels, florals, plaids – you want all the springy patterns for this lunch.'

6. Serve up with a tea-and-cake trolley

Easter ideas

(Image credit: The White Company)

On-the-go serving areas, such as a trolley or side table, look good dressed inside or for Easter outdoor decor, too. Enhance your bar cart ideas and decorate one appropriately with florals, eggs, and bunting; and use it to serve up tea and cake for your family and any guests.

7. Bring the outdoors in with potted plants

cottage window with white linen cafe curtain and terracotta potted daisies

(Image credit: Tory Murphy)

Create a unique botanical display by filling vintage pots, pans, and jars with spring bulbs or cut flowers. Opt for an array of vessels with sculptural shapes and time-worn patinas, such as vintage French confit pots, urn-shaped Dartmouth vases, weathered watering cans, and even vintage enamel colanders for a quirky feel. 

Keep your eyes peeled at flea markets for items to repurpose.

'Potted herbs make a great way to bring flowers to a Easter table that you can reuse on another table or plant in your garden,' says Mary Celeste Beall, proprietor of Blackberry Farm & Blackberry Mountain.

8. Decorate an Easter tree with ribbons and ornaments

large urn vase with twigs decorated with easter ornaments

(Image credit: The Suffolk Nest)

Not just reserved for Christmas, the Easter Tree has gained serious popularity in recent years with Easter-themed hanging decorations available in most craft or home decor suppliers. 

Making an indoor tree is so simple. Use twigs from the garden, or your favorite (robust) houseplant, mixed with some foliage sprigs or pussy willow in a large pretty vase or urn. Pop some florist foam in the bottom to push the branches into, and cover them with moss, then get creative.

Try hanging some cute crocheted bunnies, like on The Suffolk Nest's tree seen above, with some speckled or origami eggs. Strips of ribbon or scrap fabric tied onto branches will add a Cottagecore touch.

9. Create a blooming lovely centerpiece for your table

egg centerpiece wreath with cracked egg shells and small floral details

(Image credit: Dan Duchars / Future)

Easter decorating ideas should really center around the lunch table. This simple yet beautiful Easter table centerpiece is made with seasonal flowers and emptied eggshells arranged in a circular shape. Use it as a table decoration for your Easter lunch that won't take up too much space, a mantelpiece focal point, or even as a delicate gift idea.

When considering the centerpiece of your table, it always makes sense to start at the center and work outwards. Tall items like vases or colorful taper candles should be lined along the length of the table, instead of placed in clusters, to create a more considered and elegant look – but there's still fun to be had with alternating heights. 

Small vessels filled with tulips will also draw the eye down towards the table (and the soon-to-come feast).

10. Get crafty with an Easter wreath

easter door wreath on a pale green door

(Image credit: The Suffolk Nest)

Similar to the Easter Tree, a wreath on the door isn't just December decor. Easter wreath ideas made using spring bulbs, foliage, decorative eggs, and feathers makes a wonderful display that can trim a door or decorate a porch well beyond the Easter weekend, perfect for spring door decor.

Ashlee Jane, founder and creative director at The Suffolk Nest, and creator of the wreath seen above, says: 'I’ve always felt like making a seasonal wreath signifies the start of a new season, a true reflection of nature symbolizing hope and renewal. Look at your surroundings and allow nature to inspire your creativity. There are no rules, just enjoy the process of designing and creating,' she advises. 'I love a ‘living’ wreath for spring on a mossed base using bulbs such as Muscari and Hyacinths, or even small plants like Primrose and Viola so they continue to grow and bloom.'

A wreath can also serve as an excellent table centerpiece, too. Simply lay it down on the table and place a few LED candles in the center. We have a lovely step-by-step to show you how to make an Easter wreath with flowers, too.

11. Style up an Easter basket

Easter ideas

(Image credit: Future/Helen Cathcart)

Easter basket ideas are wonderful and practical for celebrating Easter with children – but they can be part of your Easter decor as well. You can transform a simple basket with preserved and dried flowers and plenty of ribbons to sit atop a table or sideboard.

To recreate the simple design above, thread a length of florist wire around the front edge of the basket, then tie off the ends. Push the flowers under the wire, hiding the stems. Finish off with a length of ribbon tied under the flowers in a bow.

Baskets are synonymous with Easter decor and make a lovely table decoration by using different real eggs – white duck and hen’s eggs, quails’ eggs, and Bluebell Aurancana eggs. For a similar basket, Etsy has various vintage baskets with handles. Add flower heads to the bowl for a nice touch. 

12. Fill vases with pastel eggs in the living room

easter themed pastel living room with large glass vases filled with pastel eggs on the coffee table

(Image credit: Future / Carolyn Barber)

Easter decorations can find a place in a living room, too. Large glass vases filled with hand-painted and string-wrapped eggs are a simple yet effective way to add a seasonal touch. 

Either buy a bag of ready-made eggs from a craft store or create your own with some tester pots of paint, and a paintbrush loaded with black paint to flick and create a speckled effect. Foliage can then be added into the vase also with sprigs of dried twigs working best.

And you could also use the chocolate variety, of course. Just be sure to keep out of reach of sticky fingers.

13. Let your bakes take center stage

sideboard filled with spring and easter decor like themed baked bread, fresh fruit and flowers

(Image credit: Cathy Nordström / Photography Fanny Radvik)

Bunnies and chicks, pastel tones, and chocolate eggs – Easter is filled with a myriad of opportunities for baking creations. So if you're also planning a schedule of cakes, pastries, and buns, be sure to use them in your decor too. It's a win-win.

If you're putting your time, effort, and soul into some culinary creations for the Easter weekend, it's only right to ensure they get their time in the limelight. Make sure to factor them into the decor on your kitchen island, table, or side surfaces dotted among floral displays, and plenty of edible eggs.

14. Take the bunny hunt across the entire house

bathroom with large leafy wallpaper and a bunny rabbit art print

(Image credit: Petra Palumbo)

Of course, the most important Easter activity is the Easter Egg hunt, no matter your age. But for a slightly more grown-up take, try hiding a few Easter bunny prints and motifs around your home if you're hosting for the holiday.

Don't be afraid to take your decorations into unexpected rooms of your home. This cute framed bunny print in a small bathroom with verdant bathroom wallpaper makes for a stylish take on Easter decor that will be sure to make guests smile when they visit the facilities. It's the small details that help to bring the magic.

15. Make a show-stopping hanging wreath

hanging easter wreath over the easter lunch table

(Image credit: The Suffolk Nest)

Why not go for an alternative seasonal display with a striking hanging wreath? To be hung over your table or even used for spring porch decor, it's sure to make a statement. Add hanging decorations like eggs and tied ribbons, and add some battery-operated fairy lights for when the sun goes down.

'If you’re limited for space on your table when hosting for special occasions, consider having the centerpiece elevated above the table,' suggests The Suffolk Nest's Ashlee Jane. 'For this hanging Easter wreath [above], I wanted to create something I could leave up for the whole season. I layered contorted hazel branches onto the willow wreath frame and then attached ceramic and crochet eggs from the wreath base using fishing wire, so they appear as though they’re floating.'

'I hung the wreath from a ceiling window above the dining table suspended on strong fishing wire using a suction hook,' says Ashlee. 'If you don’t have a window above, then a simple curtain hook into the ceiling works.'

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How do you make Easter special at home?

'My tip is to think about how you would decorate at Christmas or other holidays, and add an Easter twist,' says stylist Sara Bird.

'An Easter wreath, an Easter tree, themed table settings and Easter flower arrangement will bring the season alive throughout your home.'

Don't forget Easter recipes to bring a special touch to your seasonal entertaining. Creating a menu using fresh produce and presenting it in a simple but stylish way at the table is sure to bring joy to family and friends. 

The beauty of holiday decorations is that there are no hard and fast rules. You can go all out, or just keep it simple with a wreath on the door to make your neighbors smile. All it takes is a few hints of Easter bunny, some edible (or not) eggs, and a smattering of vintage pastels to makeover your home in time for Easter weekend. It's not big task, but you should get cracking.

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