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The spring shades we love: Four ways to decorate with pastels

Crown’s Colour Consultant Judy Smith shares her tips to incorporate them in the home.

Pretty pastel shades such as baby pink, mint green, powder blue and soft yellow instantly give the space a fresh and restful lift. Learn how to decorate with pastels.


Decorate with pastels

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Soft and creamy tones of pink are surprisingly complex and add areas of interest while still being easy to live with. They are calming and cocooning, and will give any space character while also adding an unexpectedly fresh feel.

Baby pink works well with cool neutrals, such as brilliant whites and all tones of grey, from light to moody. The choice depends on what type of look you’d like to create – bold and dramatic or cool and restful.

To make pastel pink look up to date and edgy, why not add hints of black or charcoal either in fine outlines on the wall, woodwork or in furniture. It brings this soft tone more into focus and makes it look more contemporary and sophisticated. The pink and charcoal combination is also surprisingly versatile and can easily be adapted to suit all styles, from industrial-chic to minimal Scandi or modern country.

Decorate with pastels

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One of the most popular colours for 2020, mint green is, simply put, a breath of fresh air. As a shade inspired by nature, it is soothing and calming. It creates a space that’s full of life, yet it is relaxing and very easy to work with in any room.

Particularly in a time full of uncertainty and concern, your home is a place where you feel safe and comfortable, and soft green shades promote the perfect feeling – reassuring yet uplifting and invigorating.

All shades of white work perfectly with mint green, from crisp and bright to soft and creamy. Alternatively, if you’re feeling braver, baby pink or lavender enhance the freshness of this bright shade.

Decorate with pastels

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Powder blue is a colour that gives a feeling of openness and a sense of space, creating a cool and restful backdrop for any room.

Chalky whites, sandy tones and soft terracottas are the kind of colours that blend and harmonise with powder blue the best – they give it warmth while maintaining its calming feel.

You can also bring the scheme into focus and give it an edgy, unexpected element by adding touches of charcoal for definition, or you can create a focal point by painting out a large square on a powder blue wall in a deep toning colour that can run over architectural details, like doors and architrave, for maximum effect. For pale blue, try something bright like a vibrant turquoise to add energy and dynamism – it will make this powdery shade look more contemporary.

Decorate with pastels

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Yellow symbolises happiness and positivity, so using any tone, whether bright or muted, brings a touch of optimism into the home. Perhaps unsurprisingly, soft yellow works particularly well in a south-facing room, as it’s a colour that really comes to life and almost glows with natural sunlight. However, its vibrancy means it is also a great choice for spaces where the light isn’t as strong, such as a hallway, as it easily brightens and opens up the whole room.

When paired with cool tones, this cheery shade looks rather soothing, while maintaining its warmth and energy. For furniture, wooden elements perfectly complement this sunny hue and give it a cosy, rustic feel.

Decorate with pastels


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