Easter basket ideas – 11 options that work as gifts or decorations

Our favorite Easter basket ideas range from all-natural to over-the-top

A trio of Easter basket ideas
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Easter basket ideas don't have to be all about plastic grass and pastel Peeps (though there's certainly nothing wrong with that). These days, options for Easter treats and the baskets they occupy are almost endless. From the simple and natural, to the over-the-top and extravagant, it's all about how you want to celebrate the day.

Below, we've rounded up our favorite Easter basket inspiration, whether you're planning to use your baskets as gifts, or Easter decorations

Easter basket ideas for all styles

Step outside the – ahem – basket when you plan your Easter assemblage this year, with pretty styling, creative themes, and a little bit of crafting (or none at all). These pretty Easter basket ideas are easy to recreate. 

1. Go for the original Easter basket idea

easter basket idea with painted eggs

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Before you could scour the Internet for creative Easter basket ideas, the only option was simplicity. Hearken back to the earliest Easter celebrations with the original basket filler: Eggs. Painted eggs mixed with pastel chocolate varieties keep the assortment pretty and fun. 

2. Make your own Easter basket

felt egg shaped easter basket

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If you're feeling creative, try an easy DIY Easter basket idea. The one above is made from cardstock cut into the shape of an egg, 1in thick grosgrain ribbon, and a small gift box, and embellished with seasonal cut outs and scrapbooking stickers. The project also makes a fun Easter craft idea for kids. 

3. Try an Easter basket upgrade

painted easter eggs in a basket

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"Easter baskets don't have to be pastel-colored decorations you take out once a year," says Lucy Searle, Homes & Gardens editor-in-chief. "You can use a decorative basket you already own, or find one from an artisan or antique shop to fill." 

The ceramic-and-cane version above, makes a sophisticated upgrade, for example. It's a chic Easter basket choice for an older child or adult, and can double as an Easter table decoration. After the holiday, fill the basket with moss balls, wooden beads, or lemons for a simple centerpiece for the rest of the season.

4. Knit a crocheted Easter basket

crocheted easter baskets

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Crocheted Easter baskets feel extra sweet and, bonus, pack down flat for easy storage the rest of the year. If you're talented with a knitting needle, you'll find plenty of free Easter basket patterns online. If not, seek out premade versions on sites like Etsy

5. Try this paper cone Easter basket idea

easter basket with cones

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Paper cones are a fun way to serve up Easter treats. To make your cones: Simply cut a wide triangle from a piece of construction or stationery paper, then roll it into a cone shape and tape it in place. 

Next, fill the cones with paper grass and foil-wrapped chocolate eggs or jelly beans, and set them in a basket filled with glass vases or mason jars. A flatware or utensil caddy also works well. 

6. Turn your Easter basket into a work of art

papier mache easter eggs for easter basket

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Make your Easter basket sweet and sophisticated this year with papier mache eggs inspired by German tradition. These ones from Holly Pond Hill are filled with jelly beans and chocolate made by Massachusetts-based Harbor Sweets. Once Easter is over, the eggs can be saved and re-filled for years to come. 

7. Dress up a vintage basket with ribbon

Easter basket with ribbon tied eggs

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No need to buy a special basket just for Easter. Ribbon adds a pretty touch to vintage wicker baskets. To make the display even more festive, tie a coordinating ribbon around your Easter eggs, using a dot of hot glue to hold it in place. 

8. Pack an Easter picnic basket

Fortnum and mason easter basket ideas

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Take a cue from Fortnum & Mason and give your Easter basket a picnic theme with cheeses, dried fruit, and tea or wine. If you don't have time to assemble your own Easter baskets this year, let the pros do it for you. Fortnum & Mason's picnic Easter hamper is packed with cheese, crackers, and chocolate, and is available for delivery in both the U.K. and U.S.

9. Make Mason jar Easter baskets

mason jar easter baskets

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Floral wire and ribbon turn standard glass mason jars into adorable Easter baskets. To make your own, tie ribbon or twine around the mouth of the jar and secure with hot glue. Then, twist a length of floral wire around the ribbon on opposite sides of the jar to form a handle. Use them as favors or gifts, or place settings for Easter dinner. 

10. Display an Easter basket bouquet

courtly check easter basket

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Decorative ceramic or glass Easter baskets, like MacKenzie Childs' Courtly Check version, create a lovely spot to display seasonal flowers. 

'One of my favorite ways to decorate an Easter table is to fill ceramic Easter baskets with fresh-cut flowers, and arrange them down the center of the table," says Searle. "To make it work, I trim the flowers so the stems are only a few inches long, and push them into a piece of floral foam set inside the basket.'

If you don't have floral foam handy, you can also tape a grid on top of the basket to help hold flowers in place.

11. Bake your Easter basket full

easter basket with cookies

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Jelly beans and bunny-shaped chocolates may be requisite Easter basket treats, but they aren't the only options. Use cookie cutters to make sugar cookies in festive shapes, and ice them with pastel frosting for a confectionary touch. 

What do you put in an Easter basket?

Candy is the obvious choice for filling Easter baskets, but it's not the only option, especially if you're looking for less sugary options for small children or making a basket for an adult.

"You can fill an Easter basket with anything you want," says Sarah Spiteri, Homes & Gardens editorial director and mom of two. "There are really no rules. For my kids, I tend to go with a few smaller, spring and outdoor-themed toys like bubbles, jump ropes, or gardening kits. Books also work well, and smaller clothing items like sunglasses or sun hats."

Here are a few more of our favorite Easter basket ideas for kids:

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Sand toys
  • Art supplies like paint and markers
  • Beach towels
  • Lip balm

For older children and adults, themed baskets make shopping easy. Choose a favorite spring hobby, like golf or gardening and fill a basket with small gifts that suit the theme.

You can also use practical Easter basket alternatives as part of the gift: Think tote bags, wide-mouth water bottles, vases, mixing bowls, or a car wash bucket. 

How much should I spend on an Easter basket?

Things can escalate quickly when you're filling an Easter basket, but there's no need to go overboard.

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans spent an average of $179.70 on Easter in 2021, including $31.06 on gifts and $25.22 on candy. If you split that $56.28 for gifts and candy between two children, it averages out to about $25 per basket.

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