Hailey Bieber's kitchen is transformed by this 'often overlooked' detail, according to interior designers

The model's kitchen makes use of paneled ceilings for a stunning effect

Hailey Bieber
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Have you heard of the 'fifth wall?' Though it is most often referred to as a 'ceiling,' the fifth wall greatly impacts the look, feeling, and even the acoustics of a room. Hailey Bieber's kitchen is the perfect example of the massive benefits innovative ceiling design can have in a space. The model, businesswoman, and wife of Justin Bieber shared a TikTok revealing she enhances her A-frame kitchen with cream-colored, paneled ceilings. Interior designers are obsessed with the creative ceiling choice.


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'Ceilings are often overlooked in the design process - but by adding shiplap, nickel gap, v groove or other treatments of paneling - it gives the space dimension and character, and can really complement the interior style,' says Marea Riedler, Founder and Principal Designer of A Designed Space. She continues, 'Depending on the type of paneling you select it can accent the overall design aesthetic in a wide range of styles from contemporary to mid-century modern.'

Marea Riedler of A Designed Space
Marea Riedler

Marea is a San Diego-based interior designer who has worked in the industry for over 13 years. Her work has ranged in scope from designing custom homes with clients, consulting on master plan communities, and designing model homes with builders, to selecting restaurant furniture for restaurateurs and developers. She founded A Designed Space in 2019.

Furthermore, experts say this ceiling type is especially charming in kitchen decor. Marea states: 'It adds texture and warmth to the space. It's both bright and clean and adds contrast against the walls. It's a great effect that draws the eye up yet does not overpower.' She continues, 'Hailey's pitch ceiling with the paneling elevates the eye in the space, and as the kitchen is typically a place for gathering, it's a great way to open it up. Paneling is a simple detail that makes the space feel intentional.'

Barry Gant, North Carolina-based kitchen expert and owner of 7 Day Kitchens adds that ceiling paneling has practical benefits beyond its aesthetic appeal in Hailey Bieber's kitchen. He says, 'For one, paneled ceilings are good for noise control. In A-frame kitchens with thin walls, sound can register strange textures, sometimes resulting in unwanted sound effects. Paneling helps facilitate this, making the kitchen more acoustically pleasing.'

Barry Gant

Barry Gant is the owner of 7 Day Kitchens, a Charlotte, NC-based company specializing in swift kitchen remodeling. Gant attributes their ability to remodel kitchens in just 7 days – a stark contrast to the industry’s standard 6 to 8 weeks –to meticulous planning, unwavering customer commitment, and efficient execution. 

He continues, 'Another big plus is insulation. The paneling adds another layer to help keep the kitchen warm, keeping it warm in colder months and cooler in warmer weather. This isn’t just about comfort; That, in turn, can mean savings on your energy bills.' In other words, don't forget about the ceiling.

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When it comes to effective design, it's all about the little things. Considering the ideal kitchen ceiling for your space can transform your kitchen, the same way it has transformed Hailey Bieber's home.

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