Ice Spice creates a textural oasis in her powder room with this timeless and versatile material

Marble countertops perfectly complement greige cabinetry for a sophisticated, minimal style

Ice Spice
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It's been quite the year for Ice Spice, who has been gracing our ears with irresistible earworms and social media feeds with photos from her casual Super Bowl hangouts with friend and collaborator Taylor Swift (emphasis on casual). 

When it's time to get ready, the Bronx-born, New Jersey-based rapper likes to prep in a powder room that is decked out with large mirrors, ample storage space, and sleek marble countertops.

Designers and homeowners often decorate with marble to elevate kitchens, but there's an opportunity to work with this precious material beyond the culinary space. Using it in a bathroom or powder room can make the experience of getting ready to feel even more luxurious – and if Ice Spice is an advocate, how can we disagree?

'Marble has been around for hundreds of years, utilized in bathrooms and kitchens all around the world, and it will continue to endure,' says New York City-based designer Catalina Castaño. 'It is a beautiful natural stone that can be used versatilely across generations, depending on how it is incorporated and combined within the design scheme.'

Catalina Castano
Catalina Castaño

Catalina has been an interior designer for over 12 years, previously working for several prestigious New York design firms such as Mark Zeff, where she worked for 6 years and was the director of residential design. Yearning for a brand of her own she branched out to open her own design firm. Her portfolio includes work from all over the world, including United States, England and Italy.

Ice Spice lets the counters take center stage by using subtle, greige cabinetry – a move that Catalina endorses in order not to overpower the intricacies of the material.

'When utilizing marble with prominent veining, we advise to keep the cabinetry simple, allowing the marble to serve as the focal point,' Catalina explains. 'Conversely, if the cabinetry is more detailed and includes a lot of trim, it's better to choose countertops with a simpler color scheme, typically in whites with minimal veining. This strategy ensures the kitchen remains balanced and cohesive, avoiding too many competing focal points.'

A clean space is also crucial. 'Avoid cluttering the surface with too many items, which can detract from the marble's elegance,' Catalina says.

Ice has placed some coffee table books on one part of the table, but organizers containing cosmetics can minimize clutter while adding some additional elements to the surface.

Below, find some powder room accessories to make the getting ready experience Ice Spice-worthy.

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