Ina Garten's artfully landscaped yard 'maintains interest in all seasons' – experts explain how to replicate it

The Barefoot Contessa's yard is carefully landscaped to stay beautiful no matter the season – here's how it's possible

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Every garden is beautiful in the summer, but creating an outdoor space that maintains its appeal all year round is an art. Unsurprisingly, it's an art that Ina Garten, also known as The Barefoot Contessa, has mastered.

The doyenne of homes took to Instagram to share a video of her snowy backyard, and it's gorgeous. Ina's garden stretches across acres of open land featuring rectangularly cut and circularly cut topiaries that stay green all winter long. Towering deciduous trees draw the eye up, and a stunning firepit takes centerstage. 

Despite the snow, the sculptural forms and contrast make the outdoor space look just as refreshing in the colder months.

Thom Rutter, gardens editor at Homes & Gardens, explains how Ina creates this ever-stylish look. First, she uses topiaries. Thom states: 'Ina's yard remains verdant through the dark and cold winter months by incorporating clipped evergreen topiary, which provides a permanent structure to the space, even in the snow.'

thomas rutter content editor at Homes & Gardens
Thom Rutter

Thomas is a Content Editor within the Gardens Team at Homes and Gardens. He has been working as a gardener and garden writer for several years. Whilst completing his Horticultural Traineeship at the Garden Museum, London, he was able to gain experience at many of the UK's world-famous gardens, including Sissinghurst, Lowther Castle, and Iford Manor. Following this, he worked for two private estates in Tuscany, Italy.

Second, she alternates shapes among the topiaries, creating a mix of shapes. 'This straight hedging is complimented by several topiary domes, which helps to soften the overall aesthetic in Ina's backyard, says Thom. 

He continues, 'Deciduous trees and smaller shrubs add height and interest, even in the winter months when they are without foliage. This contrast in form is crucial, ensuring the yard maintains an interest in all seasons. It is both precise and formal while also natural. Even when dusted in snow, the bare stems of trees and shrubs appear beautiful.'

Finally, Ina plants with all seasons in mind through careful garden planning. While here we see the garden looking dashing in the snow, some features will make it look just as striking in the warmer months. Thom says, 'The dark green foliage of the topiary hedging is important in the winter garden, but come spring, the unfurling leaves on deciduous trees and shrubs, followed by shooting perennials in Ina's garden borders will create a green and lush yard once again.'

Through using evergreens, contrasts in form, and careful planning, Ina Garten creates a beautiful space that retains its charm as the seasons change. Now, you can too.

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