Ina Garten's perfect living room furniture color is setting a bold, luxurious trend for 2024

The Barefoot Contessa's chairs revel in a warming shade that experts predict we will see more of in the months ahead

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Warm neutrals have been trending since early 2023, but what about warm colors? Sometimes, a beige or brown doesn't cut it, and a scheme needs that cozy pop. Ina Garten's burnt orange armchairs are the perfect example of just how welcoming and stylish these warm shades can be.

The cookbook author took to Instagram to share a beautiful shot of her red, orange, and yellow poppies perched on a black side table in her living room. On either side of the table, burnt orange armchairs add an inviting pop of color against her neutral rug, walls, and concrete fireplace. Interior designers think this color is bound to become a design trend in the coming year.

'Introducing burnt orange furniture into your living room brings a host of benefits,' says Westchester-based interior designer Nina Lichtenstein of the living room color idea. She continues, 'This warm and earthy hue not only exudes warmth and energy but also evokes a deep connection to nature. Reminiscent of mesmerizing sunsets, the changing leaves of fall, and the rich tones of mountains adorned with trees, burnt orange infuses your space with a sense of natural beauty and tranquility.'

Lichtenstein goes on, 'Moreover, burnt orange complements various design styles, from mid-century modern to modern farmhouse to eclectic bohemian, adding sophistication and character to your living space. It serves as a striking focal point in any room, effortlessly drawing attention and creating visual interest while evoking feelings of comfort and relaxation. Burnt orange furniture is an ideal choice for lounging areas or social spaces where you want to encourage conversation and warmth. It instantly infuses your space with a cozy and inviting ambiance.'

Nina Lichtenstein
Nina Lichtenstein

Nina Lichtenstein is the founder and principal home designer at her eponymous design studio, based in Westchester, NY. Nina believes that home design should capture a family’s unique spirit by how it serves the family's daily needs while nourishing the soul. She has been celebrated for designing, renovating, and building elegant living spaces. 

In addition to the living room seating, experts admire the way Garten has paired the chairs in her space. Manuela Hamilford, a London-based interior designer admires the chef's carpet stating: 'Jute works well alongside burnt orange, with a neutral color and natural feel - jute is very versatile.'

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Manuela Hamilford

Manuela was born in Vicenza, Italy and then moved to New York City to start her career in design, where she gained a flair for interiors and a passion for bespoke home furnishings. She founded her luxury interiors studio, Hamilford Design, in London in 2000.

The ever-appealing draw of burnt orange makes it an excellent candidate to become a 2024 interior design trend. Lichtenstein states: 'The resurgence of earthy tones and retro influences in design trends has propelled burnt orange into the spotlight. From accent walls and upholstery to accessories and artwork, this hue is being embraced as a statement color that adds depth and character to interiors. Expect to see more of burnt orange in contemporary homes and design magazines, as it continues to inspire creativity and evoke a sense of nostalgia with a modern twist.'

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Hamilford tells Homes & Gardens: 'Burnt orange is a popular trend- it adds warmth to a space and is inviting. Orange can bring a lot of energy to an interior. It feels less formal and it's into the trend of people wanting their homes to be cozy and inviting- rather than a cold show home feel.'

For those interested in decorating with orange in their own homes, Hamilford advises: 'Burnt orange is a brave choice. We like to layer it with rust, Siena, and tan tones to give depth and bring an earthier feel - with a natural palette.' She continues, 'An accessible trend is to using burnt orange alongside greys and neutral tones. It also works well with bolder choices such as a midnight blue. Burnt orange is good for soft accessories if you don’t want to commit full scale.'

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No matter if you're introducing the scheme as an entire wall color, carpet, or just a chair, burnt orange is one of the chicest shades on the market. Just look at Ina Garten's living room for definitive proof.

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