Victoria Beckham visited Jenna Lyons' apartment – and this designer-favored feature stood out in their backdrop

Jenna's Soho loft offers much to be admired, but this elegant feature remains a favorite – and there's more to love than its aesthetic

Jenna Lyons and Victoria Beckham
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The rumors are true – the British-style icon Victoria met her New York counterpart, Jenna Lyons, and it was a match made in fashion heaven.

'I really want to see what’s in your bathroom,' Victoria Beckham tells the designer upon entering her Soho apartment. And we're glad she asked. Her bathroom is as opulent as we might have expected – draped in a veined white marble with quietly luxurious gold accents. 

It's no secret that decorating with marble is among the most elegant ways to elevate a bathroom – and pairing it with gold (as Jenna demonstrates) makes it all the more impactful. However, while its good looks are both timeless and undeniable, designers explain there are even more benefits to following Jenna's lead.

'Marble has been associated with luxury and opulence for a long time, and it still remains a popular choice for bathrooms all over the world today,' comments designer Shanade McAllister-Fisher. 

'White and gold marble, in particular, is a mainstay in high-end homes because of its natural beauty and elegance. However, one of the biggest reasons this style is so sought after is not only its beauty but the value it can add to any home.' 

Whether we're looking to sell now or want to add value to our home for the future, the agelessness of white and gold marble will impress potential buyers for many years ahead. 

'Because the design is so timeless, investing in a white and gold marble bathroom can attract a lot of potential buyers and significantly increase the overall value of your property -–which is why it's so popular amongst celebrities [like Jenna] and people who may be buying and selling homes frequently.'

Shanade McAllister-Fisher
Shanade McAllister-Fisher

Interior designer, Shanade McAllister-Fisher, studied at the renowned KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London, and has gone on to lead her own award-winning design studio based in West London.

Naturally, investing in marble is the first step to future-proofing a luxury bathroom –but mastering styling is the next step. With this in mind, Shanade recommends considering how we use accent colors in the space.  

'One of the most effective ways to bring out the luxury feel of your white and gold marble bathroom is through the clever use of accent colors. Don't go overboard – just throw in a few rich jewel tones like emerald green or sapphire blue to add a touch of sophistication to the space and create visual interest,' she explains. 

'For something less striking, soft whites, creams, and beige tones can also complement your marble's natural colors.'

Shanade also recommends using natural materials (such as wood and stone) to complement our white marble and gold accent pieces. 'Adding something like a wooden or stone accent wall works wonders to create a layered, multi-dimensional design,' she says.

'Geometric patterns, such as hexagonal or herringbone tiles, also add a contemporary and visually interesting element to your bathroom. These patterns can complement the natural veining of marble to round off a cohesive and dynamic design.'

To flirt with marble's opulence without investing in a whole bathroom renovation, we've handpicked these accessories – set to bring a timeless touch to every space (not only the bathroom).

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