Jennifer Aniston's 'slab backsplash' is ahead of a kitchen trend that cleverly marries style and functionality

Designers say this 'showstopper' feature will change how we decorate our spaces, and Jen Aniston is ahead of the curve

Jennifer Aniston
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The 'slab backsplash' has revealed itself among 2024's most significant kitchen trends, and despite it being a new phenomenon, it already comes with celebrity approval. 

Jennifer Aniston is the latest figure (alongside NBA's Stephen and Ayesha Curry) who we've seen experiment with the slab backsplash in her Los Angeles kitchen. However, in true Aniston style, she tapped into the look long before it was a certified kitchen trend

The term 'slab backsplash' refers to a single, continuous piece of material that covers the entirety of a kitchen wall. In Aniston's case, she has opted for a large black slab that juxtaposes her natural wooden cabinets – but there's more to this feature than its aesthetics. 

'A slab backsplash is a real showstopper in a kitchen. With a classic countertop, the stone's design is really only seen from above. By showcasing it on the wall, centered in a chimney, or running up to the underside of wall cabinets, you allow the beautiful design to shine,' comments Jack Winfield, a sales designer at Tom Howley.

'Aside from aesthetic beauty, one of the advantages of a slab backsplash is practicality. A single piece of material with minimal joints is much easier to clean than a traditional tiled backsplash. If maintained well, there should be minimal upkeep compared to alternatives. Grout can easily become dirty and start to look tired very quickly.'

Like every kitchen, Aniston's space is prone to bumps and spillages that come with everyday life. However, a slab backsplash keeps this disruption to a minimum. 

'In a busy household, functionality is key, and a slab with a beautiful design may help mask some of the everyday spillages,' Winfield says. 'Another popular option is mirrored backsplash – but be prepared for this to show up most splashes and spills.'

Kitchen Design Expert
Jack Winfield
Kitchen Design Expert
Jack Winfield

Jack Winfield is a design expert at Tom Howley, a bespoke kitchen manufacturer based in the UK. Tom Howley is known for its exquisite kitchen designs that satisfy a variety of lifestyle needs. By combining superb appliances and cutting-edge craftsmanship with original thinking, they highest quality kitchens for every home. 

Winfield is not exclusive in his observation of this design trend. Jonathan Stanley, VP of marketing at Caesarstone, similarly encourages us to follow Aniston's lead and opt for a slab backsplash – but adds we can take this one step further by matching it to our countertops. 

'Consider opting for a slab backsplash to match your countertops, creating a seamless flow that pleases the eye but is also incredibly practical. This is a rising trend we've noticed lately,' he says.

'A slab backsplash creates the stunning visual of a single surface that continues from your countertop up onto the wall. Heat and stain-resistant, a quartz or porcelain backsplash makes clean-up easy after your hob-cooked family dinner has splashed behind the hob.'

Jonathan Stanley
Jonathan Stanley

Jonathan is a countertop expert and the VP of marketing at Caesarstone. He has more than twenty years of experience working nationally and internationally at the board level, creating and delivering strategies and campaigns for companies, including the marble powerhouse Caesarstone. 

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