Jennifer Coolidge colors her cabinets a subdued shade, leaning into a long-lasting and versatile trend

The White Lotus star reminds us why, despite ever-changing trends, some hues will never fall out of fashion in the kitchen

Jennifer Coolidge
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From Paulette in Legally Blonde to Tanya in The White Lotus, Jennifer Coolidge has grown from a cult-favorite actor to a worldwide phenomenon, brightening our days with her hilarious TV and film roles. When it comes to her kitchen, however, she prefers a more subdued approach. 

In a video on the actor's Instagram page, she shows off a bright white kitchen accent by a farmhouse sink and, notably, painted gray kitchen cabinets

Gray, despite its more neutral nature, can be fun to play around with in the home when exploring its variations.

'Gray kitchens are not now and will never be fully outdated, though cool-tone grays have fallen out of fashion. Warm-tone grays are still being used today,' says Kristyn Harvey, founder of Kristyn Harvey Interiors. 'Warm grays like agreeable gray by Sherwin Williams still remain a very popular choice for walls and cabinetry.'

Kristyn Harvey Interiors
Kristyn Harvey

Kristyn Harvey is the founder of Kristyn Harvey Interiors, a residential design firm specializing in home renovations and furnishings based in San Diego, California. Kristyn’s philosophy is to compose efficient home spaces that also feel like a breath of fresh air, and she is known for creating light-filled rooms filled with warm natural textures.

Like a little black dress or red lipstick, gray has remained a color staple in the home because of its malleability; it can be paired with pretty much any other color but is a bit softer than your classic black.

'The tonality of gray has allowed it to maintain a staple for decades because it works on its own without other color punctuations, but it can also be a good base for bolder or softer color choices,' Kristyn says. 'Cooler tone grays that verge on white are also still in style as interior and exterior wall colors, as they provide that cool crisp blank canvas to layer more color on.'

If you are tired of the black-and-white combo, gray and white (like Jennifer's kitchen) is a new and improved approach to modern decorating -- and one that won't go out of style anytime soon. Kristyn recommends a few specific colors to achieve the look.

Grey kitchen ideas with classic panelled units

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'In our Solana Beach Project kitchen walls, we used Benjamin Moore's Distant Gray with a flat sheen which is on the cooler end of the color spectrum without being too cold,' she says. 'It also plays well with other gray-tinted whites, like the ever-popular White Dove by Benjamin Moore. These gray whites brighten up the kitchen and work well with white oak cabinetry and white porcelain countertops while still keeping the space warm and cozy.'

We can shop these designer-approved suggestions, and tap into Jennifer Coolidge's space with these samples below.

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